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TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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If you want to learn how to find the EXACT KIND OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT, then this is the best message you'll ever read.

Here's why ;

So this is you . You started this "Information, Coaching" business with high hopes.

A few months have gone by but you're beginning to get sick and tired of not making the kind of money you wanted to make.

You have a dream about being a professional (insert what you do here) but you're only attracting a tickle of customers.

You are spending money on advertising but bearly breaking even and worse falling further and further into debt and getting more and more frustrated and angry.

You're worried all the time - lying awake at night knowing that you're not doing what you wanted to do and not knowing how to do what you wanted to do.

Is any of the above how you feel right now ?

The biggest problem you're going to face is "marketing of your thing".

Many people claim to be fearless entrepreneurs but when it comes to selling their craft, they become whimpering kids.

I have always wondered why this is so. And I have come to a conclusion. They don't know how to sell.

Growing up we were not taught how to sell , in University we were not taught it, and over years , we have been conditioned by society to think that asking people for money is a bad thing. It's learned helplessness.

There's a popular saying " You can force a horse to a river, but you can't force it to drink".

And holds true in marketing too.

You can force your prospect to opt-in to your list but you can't make him buy anything or can you ?

And the answer is.

YES you can.

If you give the prospect what it wants.

If you want to hit your goals and make the money you want in this business.

You need to :
Learn How To Sell

By having a marketing funnel that converts and turns a cold prospect to repeat buyers, you're set for life.

Now there are three reasons why people don't buy.

1) They don't want it.

2)They don't have the money.

3)They don't believe or trust you.

If there's no trust , you won't have the business.

So how do you gain their trust ?

First , you and I, will pretty much only two trust sort of people ; A friend or a person of Authority. This actually basic human nature.

For example : A complete unknown person comes to our house and start telling us , how great something is, we might say " Get the hell out of here,Pal" .." I don't know you " ...but when our friend comes in and tells us something like "Vegetables is good for you" or whatever.. Then we really gonna trust him.

And as for establishing yourself as an Expert/Authority : You have to provide excellent value/content , that will benefit your target audience and thereby get them look up to you as a real coach/expert before asking them for the $$$.

By doing so you build trust and good relationship with your target audience.

And when they see you as both a friend and authority, you're killing two birds with one stone.

That how your marketing funnel should be . Once you have that in place, all you need to do is put the right people at the front of it and let it work it's magic.

So how do you get the right people to your offers ?

How do you get the exact kind of people who want what you're selling to your marketing funnels ?

It's a three pronged, approach , you must follow.


You must make sure you are targeting the right MARKET, with the RIGHT MESSAGE, in the right MEDIA.

Let's dive in deep now, shall we?

1) MARKET : First of all, you need to know exactly the kind of people who buy things in the market you want to target.

People who buy things...

i) Have money (obviously duh! )
ii) Are willing to spend it on your kinds of product/service.

As long as your market is concerned,

Who are they ?

What do they look like ? How old are they?

Do they work? And where? Which sector(s) ?

Are they stay at homes ?

Are they home owners or renters?

Where do they live? Which town/cities ? Which part of the town/city ?

What's their monthly income range?

Are they married or Single?

Do they have kids?

Are they religious? Not religious.

Are they graduates? Or still in school?

What are their utmost desires?

Are they black? White? What tribe are they from?

NOTE : This is NOT racial/ethnic profiling. Marketing requires you to be very specific because people from different ethnic group tend to think differently and have different values.) *End of political correctness*

Now, you may think this is hard work and it is. And it will take you several days to gather all or most of this information but you had better do it if you want to succeed. Serious entrepreneurs do everything required to win.

You must also be sure that they're spending money to buy the same kind of stuff you're selling.

Even if they have previously bought from another competitor

Think about yourself and your purchases. How many times have you bought something you're interested in.. Like like 1million times ,right? Aha ! There you go!

A buyer demonstrate something unique and of value to the entrepreneur that's willingness to spend money.

All you have to do is to demonstrate to them that your offer is a better deal for them do it well and they'll graviate to your business.


Now remember , just because you know who's your target audience/market , your job isn't yet done.

You still need to grab their attention and get them to click over to your website . You do that by interrupting-style ads.

Your ad message must connect with your target audience, and make sure it only attract your target audience from the group.

Also your marketing messages must stem from one anchor point. This will be your over-arching message and becomes the basis of every communication you show to your market.

You have to narrowly define yourself to your target audience , so each time they encounter something similar your name jumps to their mind.

Example : Let's say you're a business coach for all American stay at home house wife . You're the "Millionaire Housewife". You are not interested in targeting, working, busy moms. Instead you'll be more interested in targeting stay at home , who wants to start a business that gives them financial freedom and leverage their marriage and more espcially make massive dollars too.

By narrowing down your message to concur with your target audience, you get qualifed people to click on your ad and exclude those that aren't in your target category.

3) MEDIA : Now it's time to reach your market with your message.

How do you do that ?


Media is a place where your target market congregate.

Facebook, Google, email lists, TV, radio, blogs, newspaper, magazine, content sites and forums are all media.
But Before You Choose Where Your Message Goes.
You must make sure your target market/audience congregate there.

So if you are a business coach for home house wife ,your market should be stay at home moms and housewives, who live in Americans biggest cities New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Houston etc mostly Christians. Their age range is between 25-40 years old,have children, are graduates but aren't actively employed , so they want to do something to earn discretionary income that allows them to make their own decisions and stop feeling financially helplessly bound to their husbands. That's their utmost desire.

So where would she find loads of women who fit this category ? Want to guess?

That's right!

Facebook !..,And House-wife related blogs/Magazines.

See why knowing exactly what your market is make up is important ?

Now all she needs to do is buy ad space from those platforms drive people to the beginning of her marketing funnel and magic will start happening.

You Must Understand Something Important
What many people do is spend Homogous amount of money on advertising without being sure.

So you start small, watch your numbers and make sure that you're making money . If you're making money you ramp up and increase your ad spend and keep increasing it as long as you keep making profit. In my business , I have started ad campaign with $50 a day and today they're at $3,000 a day , everyday.

If you are breaking even , you tweak your offers,make it more appealing ,add more products to your funnel and continue until it makes profit .

If you are losing money, cut your losses early and test another platform.

Your advert budget is like a bullet gun, if you keep shooting above your targets, your supply will run out and you'll end up sitting duck waiting to die.

Now before I sign off, I want to share a simple plan for advertising on facebook that will work AS LONG AS YOU HAVE AN OFFER THAT CONVERTS.

With this plan , you cold easily be making $10,000 + a month in your front end alone .

*PLEASE note that result are not typical. Everyone's result will differ , depending on target market, product price, media used and offers.

However, when you read what am about to show you , you will see how easy it is to make your own gold.

Ready ?

So start by building a list. Building a list is easy here's what to do.

You need $2,000 to start.

Aim at getting ONLY qualified leads.

To do this you need a pre-sell landing page . A squeeze page landing page type is a no-no.

3. Aim to drive 1,000 visitors to your landing page daily at least.

That's just $400 daily @1,000 clicks. Your CPC might be cheaper but let's leave it at $400/1,000 visitors.

So your $2,000 budget will last for 5days or 10 days if you spend $200 a day.

Make it $400 daily as shown above.
Be sure your ad matches with what's on your pre-sell landing page. This will drive your opt-in page up . If you do the above and...

This will drive your opt-in page up.
And if you do the above and
4.Aim and tweak your opt-in page to convert at 35% . If so you'll get 350 opt-ins a day -roughly 127,750 new prospects every year.
So each day you spend $400 and get 350 new opt-ins. After they opt-in , you make your front-end offer to them immediately.
Let's say you sell your front end product for $60 and only 4% of the 350 who opt-in daily buy , this means you sell to 14 people everyday.
So 14X $60 equals = $840. When you subtract the $400 spent daily on ads that's a Profit of.
$440 Everyday !
Assuming these number still holds steady. In 30 days . You'll have made $13,200 in profit

And each month , you'll have 420 paying customers. This is just on your front end product. Don't forget there are at least each day , 336 people who didn't buy yet . When you start creating additional products, you can offer it to everybody , low ticket buyers and high ticker buyers and ramp up more sales.

If you have a list of 350 daily , over one year, you'll have 127,750 people on your list and if you treat them well ( buy not sending them crap and trying to sell everyday the sun is the sky. All you need to do is live like King Solomon for the rest of your life is..
5. Send them just One Killer Offer a Month
The offer must be something they're really interested in.

To Find out what it is you should create survey and ask your members what's it they want.

Then create an offer based on the topic or event that had the highest votes /responses .

Don't go create something you "think" it is what they want. You're not them. Let them tell you.

Let's say each month you send a promo for a $97 product/event and just 5% of them, buy it, this means that
127,750 X 5% (which is 5/100) =6387.5
This means 6,387 people will buy your offer.

Good people 6,387X $97 equal to ==
$618,666 . This is not a typing mistake.

That's how much you can make EVERY MONTH ,AFTER ONE YEAR , if you do what I just explained to you.

Do you understand the kind of miracles $600,000/MONTH, can do in your life?

Now, as explained at the beginning you don't even need to wait for 12 Month to start making money.!
All you don't need to start with $400 per day either.

You can with $5, $20 or $50 a day.
Immediately fill out your opt-in form, you'll start making your offers immediately with a low ticket OTO (One time offer) product .

To make profit be sure you
1. Target people MOST LIKELY to buy what you are offering.

2. Target PEOPLE WITH MONEY , people proven to spend.

I cannot say this enough , every market is different . So be sure you know exactly who's in your target.
Let me even print this out and paste it on my wall . It's time I started taking my own advice.


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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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Hi Jude!

This is just Epic, Epic and Epic!

This is more than a high paid Coaching Program.

Those who want to take ACTION, you will not find this gem anywhere and above all it is FREE.

You must be enjoying the real essence of life because you have the courage to give such a plan in free.

Newbie Attention:- Those who are searching for free methods without spending money, you must

> Work on microtasks/fiverr type sites
> Accumulate some money
> Apply this evergreen method by Jude. Start small and go big
> Enjoy life
> Give back to community

Wish you great LIFE!

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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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Thanks @flyingskill .

Yeah, just wanted to help folks struggling
with sales and conversation.

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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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This post is very useful for newbies. It will help them to write better article and increase the trust of customer
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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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very glad that i could read this article...awesome infos...really really very helpful...thanks for sharing
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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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This message is indeed great, because it acts as a mirror to most struggling guys, Wish I had a mentor like you

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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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Awesome article, I can`t wait to put this in place!.

Thank you, soo much. :)
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Re: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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Hey Jude,

Thanks for this great post - It's awesome to see someone give to selfishly to the community!


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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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my god...are you taking students???
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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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I too agree with these comments. Basically these are main and basic instruction which has to be know before getting into it. So, everyone should learn these for their future use.
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Re: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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Driving a lot of traffic to your websites is not enough for your business to grow. It serves no purpose whatsoever. Until and unless the visitor converts to a client there is no good thing about having a lot of traffic on your website. We have dug out a few underground secrets of traffic and conversion to help you grow. They are-

Who is your target clientele?
It is always better to hit at the core and learn who is your potential clientele. This way you save a lot of cost on unnecessary general marketing. Your approach is designed in a fashion to entice those clients only.

Where are they going?
Locate the interests and frequently visited sites of your potential clientele. Make sure your presence is eminent on those forums and places.

Is your content, user-friendly?
Content is the backbone of every online forum. Be it a web page, a website anything. Till the time you do not have the right content for your target audience, you will not get any conversions. Content not only means the written content, it is the holistic view of your website.

Are you giving them a good bait?
It is general human tendency to fall for the things that they are getting exclusively for themselves. Make sure that the bait you have put for them to convert is tantalizing enough for them to convert. Try to come up with something that your competitors are not providing.

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RE: TRAFFIC & CONVERSION -- Underground Secrets
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very inspiring,it is the fact,of course we target people with money who can spend in buying what your offer, but I think creating interested topic can win engagement to the users and even the viewers plus an accurate cta helps you more conversions.
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conversion, secrets, traffic, underground

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