How do you come up with your URLs for your landing pages?

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How do you guys decide on URLs for your landing pages? I started out with URLs like this:

But the more landing pages I created the more I started running out of options like that. Plus I was getting confused as to which landing page is which. So I thought I should create URLs like this:

The "survival-kit" refers to the group of keywords that I'm using on the display network with this landing page. The "sd" lets me know which headline is on this page. And the "1" lets me know this is the first version of this page. But unfortunately Wordpress won't let me create such a URL - it limits you to only 1 forward slash in the URL. Unless there is a way around this that I don't know about. So instead I end up with something like this:

And that doesn't look very pretty or professional. It looks a bit chaotic. So how do you guys come up with your URLs for your landing pages?
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    My opinion on the subject is that you should use a max of 3-5 words that should also be keywords relevant to landing page content. Humans also read these URLs so make them "human readable", short and memorable.
    URLs are meant for search engines and visitors, so once you have finished developing your landing page - change the URL permalink into the wanted shorter memorable form.
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    I think the most important thing to remember when making the URL's to your landing pages is to make sure that it includes keywords that are related to your content. Something easy, short and sweet, so it's easy for people to remember...for your sign up page for your survival kit I would just use "survivalkitsignup" or even just "survivalkit."
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    You can make your landing page URL with your keyword and it should be short and readable. So that you can able to overcome this issue.
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    To create your landing page URLs, You should always in mind that the main thing is keyword , the keyword is the main and the important thing in creating the URL. You should include your keyword in the landing page URL, and the keyword should be short and understandable for all.
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