0.002% Conversion Rate - How to Improve?

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I am running a site: www.ledbeerpongtables.com, we are currently pre-selling deluxe LED light up beer pong tables. Right now my conversion rate is very low, about 1 sale per 400 visitors. I average about 6,000 visits a month currently.

I want to do a split test to better improve my site, but I am not sure what I should try out? Would anyone mind taking a look and throwing some ideas out?

Here are my initial thoughts on problems, but they are not the sites fault:
- Current pre-sell status is a turn off, people don't like to wait, I can't fix this until inventory is ready.
- High ticket item, tables retail for $479 so I'm not sure what an average conversion rate for such a price point is. Maybe offer Paypal Credit?

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
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    My best advice is to higher a Conversion specialist to help you out.

    A decent one will run about $600 to $1000 a month, but triple your conversion in a few months, with ease.

    I love your product, but the design and message could use some work.
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    even with that price point, conversions shouldn't be that low to be honest, 1 in 400 is real low, which type of targeting you are doing to bring those visitors?
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    my site have 1 sale per 100 visitor, i think reason is people in my country very interest led lighting

    example: đèn led ốp trần

    Chuyên phân phối den led am tran, và den led chieu sang, giá tốt

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    I'd look at your traffic sources. Where's it coming from and what expectation do people have when they hit your site? Do they know before hand how much it is going to cost and the delay/wait? If they do have to wait is there anyway you can "sweeten" that by giving them a special/freebie that won't cost you much but will be something they like? BTW, love those tables. The colours!
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      Price point has nothing to do with it.. how many Xbox Ones have sold? in the last 6 months?

      My big question is I have seen you running around with this offer for what a year now? longer? when are you ever going to get inventory?

      Are you charging for the item now.. or are you simply taking orders?

      You have a lower price on the main page and you have neglected to make that change in the shopping cart.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I was having trouble finding the buy now button. It is the wrong color and shape. Use orange or green is my suggestion. Either rounded or squared corners.

    Your main problem probaby stems from targeting. You are probably attracting people like myself who would never convert on the product. I would refine keywords, and if your advertising, negative keywords. Some of our sources are over 2% coversions. Others are one in 10 000.

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    I agree with everyone who questioned your source of traffic. I'm sure you'd have a lot more success if you zeroed in on the beer consuming market.
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    Your price point should not be the reason below the 'low' conversion.

    First of all, we need to take note that the product is something that most people share (e.g. user behavior is that a person buys such a table and other people goes to that person's house to play with it). This also means that the conversion % will naturally be lower than that of a product / service that every interested individual has to get one for themselves. (such as a mobile phone).

    Secondly, your web design looks good, but I think the main thing is your call to action (i.e. your buy button) is not obvious and attention grabbing enough. The purple color blends in too much with the background and color theme of the website. Why don't you try using yellow for the call to action button? Yellow on your black background would be highly contrasting, and different enough from your website's general color theme, and this means that it would pull visitor's eyeballs towards that direction to convert them into your customers.

    Third of all, I cannot say anything much about whether the traffic source is suitable / targeted because you did not reveal the traffic sources.
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      Here are my initial thoughts on problems, but they are not the sites fault:
      - Current pre-sell status is a turn off, people don't like to wait, I can't fix this until inventory is ready.
      - High ticket item, tables retail for $479 so I'm not sure what an average conversion rate for such a price point is. Maybe offer Paypal Credit?
      đèn led nhà xưởng
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    One thing i would like to add is that the website is lacking 2 things

    1) Convincing the user to take an action through your unique competitive edge

    2) Urgency Factor, where a consumer is informed that he/she will likely miss the offer if he doesnt take the action now, things like timer can be used here.
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    I agree with the others, you should target your ads better and track each channel and ad.

    Try to launch few advertising channels, look at overall conversions for all of them and optimize by channels. Then - optimize campaigns and ads in the best working channels.

    And forget about CPM/CPC KPIs, it would be better to concentrate at CPS and ROI.
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    Hey there, have you ever considered trying Onsite Retargeting? Its a technique leveraging the traffic you already have and turning your visitors into customers. It might be worth a shot! (Love your product btw)
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    Is there a demand for this product?
    Are you driving targeted people to your site?

    If you say "yes" to the above two questions, here are my suggestions

    1) Make your landing page more organized. Now too much clutter
    2) Every page should have one primary purpose. If it's about describing
    the product, do it clearly
    3)You can try a background color other than black

    Less confusion, More sales

    Hope it helps
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    There's no point in getting more traffic or if you "ain't converting... "

    Unless you acquisition cost is lower than your marketing cost?

    How big is your market?
    How long is your customer life cycle?
    What is your customer value?

    How are you handling your existing leads?
    How are you re-engaging your non-buying leads?

    Have you ran some usability tracking and testing?

    Best way to optimize your site is ask your existing buyers
    why they chose you over your competitor.

    Then ask the rest of your leads a to why they didn't buy...

    Lastly... is this table only ideal for beer pong?

    Might want to test this hypothesis:

    A/B/n test your most dominantly placed copy of : BEER PONG NEVER LOOKED SO...

    To: Your Party Never Looked so ... / Your Club Never Looked so .... / (original)
    (or whatever dominant emotion you want to evoke)

    Will cause a slight LIFT in sales.

    > Implement this test with an Usability Tracking service to see what people are dowin'
    on your site.

    Instead of "Like Us on Facebook," why not say "Comment / Suggestion,"
    Get some psychograph data as to why your visitors are not converting.

    Social signals can be leveraged for growth hacking, but not until you
    know what buttons to press with your prospects.

    A survey campaign can bring this forward.

    Traffic source might also be a factor... I'd suggest to find out what media
    source your 1 sale is coming from and focus your advertising $$$ into
    that media.

    Hope this helps.
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    I could see this being a huge hit.

    Is this already a product being sold? Or just pre-orders?
    "There comes a time when people get tired."
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    First time poster here but Conversion Rate Optimization is one of our Core Competencies here at Good Monster. I wanted to share this with you, I think it will help:

    3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates
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    I think you should take a bit of a step back...

    Before you created this site - did you do any customer development?

    Did you talk to your market to find out if this was something they were interested in buying / could afford to splurge on?

    Did you find out how much they'd be willing to pay?

    Something to consider: college students are the poorest subset of the market. Your conversions won't be incredibly high if you're marketing directly to these people.

    However...if you're instead marketing to their PARENTS (say, as a birthday gift or going away present for their college student?) you'll likely have much higher conversions.

    Who are you targeting now?
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    Just out of curiosity, what is the source of the traffic?

    Because if people are looking for beer ...
    ... or beer pong.
    ... or funny beer pong videos.

    ... they are not really your target market.

    If your traffic is composed of college kids who can barely afford to have fun and do not have $1000 for such a table, then you don't have a conversion issue, you have a (targeting) traffic issue.

    Ofc, I'd carry some copy tweaks too.

    For example, why the heck would you block the call to action with that ugly Facebook CTA?

    I'd develop under the headline the 5HW the table (where, when, what, why, etc).

    And most importantly, I would answer an important question ... and fast.

    "Why do I need such a table?".

    I assume that the main market are businesses and then people with a lot of disposable income. But unless I am actively looking to buy one and I know why I should do this, I'm not very convinced that I will ever need such a thing.
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    I have to agree with what has been said previously- change the order button to something that really stands out! The problem could be as simple as that.

    Campaign targeting could also be a problem. I would probably target these tables to actual club/pub owners first. These guys might even pay you MORE for a table and you could probably even sell in bulk.

    Content writer, web developer, SEO consultant - Ynef's Portfolio

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    Have you considered entering another industry with higher conversions?
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    Hey there ,
    Go with initial steps for settings the target audience also take a look at the Pricing models.
    Make sure that the landing pages are correct enough so that it can drive heavy traffic on your website.
    Regards innovative wefix
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    Make this simple change and Promise you will see an increase in conversion. Make your check out page 1 single page! you made it into like 5 steps each . Each time you change the page and ask for different information you customer is more likely to abandon.

    Also are you creating a mailing list for this website? doesn't seem like you're capturing any emails.

    Don't get me wrong your website is really good but its the details that count and from just spending 1 min I can already see why your conversion rate is so low.
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    It's the price. .002% of young people 18-24 I'd say, are foolish enough to spend $500+ on a beer pong Table. Drop it to a reasonable price like $150 and sell lot's of these. The average college person is probably earning $500 - 3500 a summer. Now if you are targeting bars then maybe you can get them to fork over this kind of money for a table but otherwise your business model is flawed.

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    It all starts with driving targeted people to your site using keywords that actually have commercial intent (people who want to buy your products). From there we can all give you suggestions but ultimately they are just our opinions and some will be better than others.

    I would highly recommend installing something like Hotjar on your site, collecting at least 30 days of data and analysing how people are interacting with your website. You can use heat maps for clicks and scrolls and also watch the video recordings of all the visitors on your site. This will give you some good insight into where people are struggling with your website at a top level.

    Once you have that sorted, start looking at your call to actions, are you providing any value to your website visitors? What is your competition doing, is your price point to high or if it's high what other value can you add to substantiate the cost. Hope that helps to start with. Then I would recommend split testing using VWO or even Multivariate test using Optimizely.
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    Probably is because is a product that not most people would want. But even then your conversion rate is very low. That most be because you are not getting enough targeted traffic. Have you tried very targeted Facebook ads?

    The landing page is nice, you can improve it making a better video about it. Also you can first ask the users their email before sending them to the shopping cart area. I don't like the shopping cart area, doesn't look that safe to me.
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    Don’t know how did you solved this problem, but if I were you I would instal some platform to rise up my conversion rate. The typical conversion rate is about 2% but there are a lot of things that can send it down, like the lack of targeting or calling to action, or pre-sell status. As for me, I’m using Picreel with its exit intent and my conversions are at optimal level.
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    Hey there,

    Try building an email list around your topic & create valuable content for them in your followup series and after 3-4 emails do a quick promotion (not a full out promotional emai), but something that just mentions your site.

    Then the email after do a hardcore selling email where it's a full promotion of your tables.

    That should definitely boost it from where it is now

    Best of luck!

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