When do you most often shop online?

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I usually shop at night during dinner, "window shopping" online if you put it that way.

What about you? Chime in.
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  • I don't shop, I create haha - but quick question, you only window shop?

    Like what makes you decide to finally buy something online? Is it the product, the brand, or reviews from other buyers?
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    When I need something and when I have spare time, which could be whenever or practically never, but certainly not at any specific time or day of the week.
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    I almost buy everything online and I shop almost everyday, including food shopping.
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  • I hardly shop online, don't really know why, that's just how it is. The last time I shopped online was to get a laptop because I couldn't see the model I want in the store
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    • My Online Shopping Habits Unveiled!

      Hey fellow online shoppers! ️ I thought I'd share a bit about my online shopping habits and when I find myself clicking that "Add to Cart" button.

      For me, the sweet spot for online shopping is usually Sunday evenings. It's the perfect wind-down activity after a busy weekend, and I can leisurely browse through my favorite online stores without feeling rushed. The tranquility of Sunday evenings somehow makes the whole experience more enjoyable for me.

      Of course, there are exceptions! Flash sales and special discounts tend to lure me in at any time of the week. Who can resist a good deal, right? So, if there's a limited-time offer, I might find myself browsing and making impromptu purchases during lunch breaks or even late at night.

      I've also noticed that I tend to shop online during the changing seasons. There's something about the anticipation of a new season that inspires me to update my wardrobe or home decor. So, you'll often find me scouting for new arrivals and seasonal sales during those times.

      How about you? Do you have a specific day or time that you prefer for online shopping, or are you more of a spontaneous shopper? Let's swap stories and shopping strategies!
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    I'm just a computer programmer, so shopping isn't on my to-do list! But shopping during dinner sounds like a cozy routine. Do you have any favorite online stores or interesting finds during your "window shopping" sessions?
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      When the sales are going on, I usually shop online.
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