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    Best Articles for Web Design STICKY

    Isabella in Web Design

    In need of references for web design? Maybe some pointers? Hop on over to Warrior Learn! (this will be updated regularly) Does Your Website Need an Extreme Makeover?? Website Design ... [read more]

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    Don't you think website design and development is Easy ?

    hadiyabarakahea in Web Design

    Hey, Thanks for interest and taking time to read this quick question about website development I really like discussion about web design because I'm new in this field and gaining ... [read more]

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    Choosing http or https during manual installation of WordPress and database

    Expresso77 in Web Design

    When you manually install WordPress, somewhere during the process it asks you to select weather your site uses http or https. Why is this? What does it matter? How will ... [read more]

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    What Is Legal!

    joeypearce00 in Web Design

    Hi Forum Readers, I have recently started a business solutions company. I have a couple of questions about billing and website design, specifically, legal questions. #1 is it legal to ... [read more]

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    Wordpress - Why is my Post so Large?

    James Johnston in Web Design

    Hi there, I have written a wordpress article which has many images. I went through it recently and found out that all images I can see on the page add ... [read more]

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    What is the best local page builder?

    Delta223 in Web Design

    I want something that can stamp out local sites with a good conversion format. I have a copy of Thrive and am looking into that. Any others that are good ... [read more]

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    Nodejs and backend development in websites

    hashila in Web Design

    hey.. can you please tell me can I build a website backend with nodejs and how can I develop that. I am a beginner to the JS backend development because ... [read more]

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    Website online booking widget!

    Markjoe in Web Design

    Can anyone recommend an online booking widget that can install into my website so clients can book appointments? I need both me and the clients to receive text message and ... [read more]

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    Experiences to share with building a digital S&M platform?

    Tom Arne Danielsen in Web Design

    I am in the early stages of building up an internal proposal for a sales platform based on various tools, to help drive and nurture our leads. Our company sells ... [read more]

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    Design web vs seo optimization

    asdeideas in Web Design

    The great war, warriors. I would like to know your site in this war. What do you think it is more important?

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    Beginning website overhaul...need advice on 4 key topics!

    corleone72 in Web Design

    hi guys. Having made some mistakes historically I'm now looking at overhauling my site, which is basically active in: - ecommerce - content/blogging - elearning The site has over 40 ... [read more]

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    Setting up an online business with appointments and products

    Matt Gale in Web Design

    How's it going?! I'm stuck. WordPress and many other websites want to charge me around $500 to have website up and running that can handle online bookings from around the ... [read more]

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    Website Design

    Greg DeVries in Web Design

    Can anyone tell me what software/tools were used to create this type/style of website, I am interested in creating one like it. I am also interested in getting the ... [read more]

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    Which is the best Website structure for seo ??

    shailesh tripathi in Web Design

    Hello warrior, I m designing a website for yoga school can anybody please tell me any website structure suggestion ??

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    What are best free plugins in wordpress that every blogger should know?

    ramans11 in Web Design

    Free Plugins Which for WordPress Blogger 1) Yoast SEO This plugin helps you to manage and set your post or page SEO such that you can easily search it on ... [read more]

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    How to change favicon with information like this

    Blitzxpepper in Web Design

    I stumbled upon a website and I find it interesting that they change their favicon with information like used on this site: ( If you look at the browser, the ... [read more]

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    Roast my agency website

    Javier Velazquez in Web Design

    I built it with WP + Divi theme Currently we get 1000 hits from agency directories and seo. Conversion to call/contact is good. So far we get about 10-15 calls ... [read more]

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    Yoast vs All-in-one-seo pack plugin

    jamesjennifer in Web Design

    Which is the best plugin in between Yoast & All-in-one-seo pack plugin, please share your view ?

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    Advice for set up of a WordPress paid profiles and bookings site with SEO considerations

    Expresso77 in Web Design

    I want to use WordPress to create a site where visitors from all over the world can sign up for free or paid profiles/memberships, where the paid ones get extra ... [read more]

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    Wordpress or CMS - help me decide

    sjkstone in Web Design

    I'm going to develop a site that rates products, websites and other stuff and gives reviews and promotes. I was ready to proceed with Wordpress but I was wondering if ... [read more]

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    How do I fix a broken page?

    SHEPHERD FILTERS in Web Design

    I recently did a Search Engine Booster check and it revealed one broken page on my landing page ( I opened my page via Wordpress and hit Ctrl + Shift ... [read more]

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    Is cold calling still a good way to get web design clients?

    Delta223 in Web Design

    I am in the process of hiring 2 Filipino telemarketers to see if they can bring me new design clients for a website and hosting package. Plan is to price ... [read more]

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    What do I legally need for my adult related website?

    kimberly91 in Web Design

    Hi, I am setting up a adulted related site, no pornographic content will be shown. This will be non-nude but sexy images only. But the writing content will include erotica. ... [read more]

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    How to design a comic blog

    Elsharon Obilor in Web Design

    Please, I want to know how to make my comic blog chapters to be connected, like when reading chapter 1 it can show "read next chapter" button and the design ... [read more]

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    Creating a custom opt-in

    WeberRankings in Web Design

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering how long do you think it would take a developer to create a static custom opt-in for a front page? And what do you think ... [read more]

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    To Sidebar, or Not To Sidebar...

    RacquetFlex in Web Design

    That is the question. Is the sidebar dying? Decreasing in CTR? Is it actually harming the UX of your blog page? If you have a sidebar on your blog, please ... [read more]