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    I outsourced article writng my first time...I am disgusted...

    yaotfeng in Internet Marketing

    So I went to getafreelancer.com, posted a bid to have few articles written. I included in the details to have a sample sent. I got a bunch of bids and ... [read more]

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    Writers and "Writers"

    mrdomains in Internet Marketing

    I hate to say this but a lot of article writers over-estimate their capabilities and quality. This includes native English writers as well as those who have English as their ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing - Here's Some COUNTER-intuitive Advise

    drmani in Internet Marketing

    Warriors have always been BIG thinkers. Year ago, I still recall how (when I excitedly posted about my first $100 day), Robert Puddy urged me to try for $1,000. And ... [read more]

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    5 more working days and I no longer work for someone else!

    Hi guys I've been involved in internet marketing for a few years now and I have had some success, and even teach people how to make money online through article ... [read more]

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    So, You've Written An Article... Now What To Do With It?

    drmani in Internet Marketing

    We've seen many discussions about what to do with articles you've written (or had written for you) in the wake of Google's Panda/Farmer update and the resulting drop of EzineArticles.com ... [read more]

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    What do you look for from article / content writers?

    What is the number one problem you run into based on your personal experience when looking for and employing the services of article / content writers? What skills do you ... [read more]

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    Article Writing, Article Marketing, Article Syndication - Aarrgh! :)

    drmani in Internet Marketing

    When the distinction between them blurs, too many things appear the same! Around and around the discussions and debates go on the forum, especially since the Google update which supposedly ... [read more]

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    3 Interesting Ways to Make Money Online

    JP Richard in Online Resources

    Easy Article Profits is a short little Ebook that tells you how to make money online with articles. It also points you to some very cool tools you can use ... [read more]

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    "I Just Wanna Give A Shout To All The Article Writers Out There..." :)

    I'm sending this one out to the forum because I'm completely confused on this issue. Are any article writers actually making any money? If so...what in the world am I ... [read more]

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    Need Help On Making A Fiverr Gig

    FarisAzka in Internet Marketing

    I'm planning to make an article writing gig on Fiverr but I'm no so sure about how I can make that gig different from the others. Any idea on how ... [read more]

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    What does article writing mean?

    Hi What does article writing mean? and how can i put this into my online business (please see signature) Is it like blogs or link building, im not sure how ... [read more]

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    What do I do with hundreds of unpublished articles?

    I have written hundreds of articles and eBooks on different topics for a client who sadly passed away before completing the payment of his order. Would any of you know ... [read more]

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    Best article spinning service? HELP NEEDED!

    James_Watkins in SEO

    Hey Warriors, First of I hope this is the correct place for this thread (if not apologies in advance) I am looking to outsource my article spinning/writing, I currently have ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing: How many articles a day?

    Hi all, I have been doing article marketing for the past few months and these are my results so far: Number of articles submitted a day: 6 articles Article directories ... [read more]

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    Can Africans Write?

    eddyjoy in Off Topic

    Hey guys, I am just wondering whether there are any skills required to write articles online and earn some from bucks. I come from Africa, kenya in particular. Someone help ... [read more]

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    Is content marketing the way to go?

    I am wondering what you guys think about this subject? I mean everybody is talking about content marketing, and I believe it is in a long run the right way ... [read more]

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    How To Make A Killing With Article Writing - Probably...

    I've been watching the ever-decreasing "standard" price paid to article writers with interest over the past few years. There was a time when $10 was a reasonable price to be ... [read more]

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    Article and Content Writers: Going Broke Writing for IM Types?

    Hi Warriors, If you're an article writer, content creator, ghostwriter or the like, the chances are good you've taken a pay cut lately. Thanks to market pressure, outsourcing to Third ... [read more]

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    Where Can I Find A Great Writer?

    I am looking for a great writer with great copywriting skills. Do you know where i can get these writers? Preferably someone who can produce great views and ctr in ... [read more]

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    What Should I Do?

    koyaai in Internet Marketing

    Here is my problem. I am freelance article writer for a couple of years now. So I have gotten quite comfortable with taking orders from strangers (articles first before pay). ... [read more]

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    Spinner Software

    Writing articles is not my strong point but i can knock out a 500 word article but it takes me way too much time to do this. Really, its a ... [read more]

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    Any tips on starting a writing business here?

    Leunamme in Internet Marketing

    I plan to start a writing business here in WF. My usual rate is about $0.04 a word. Problem is, I don't think I’ll have that many customers with that ... [read more]

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    Will this technique work?

    Hi, I'm just getting started in the world of internet marketing. I am going to try reading through a book/e-book about a subject and after each chapter writing an article ... [read more]

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    Getting GOOD experience as a newbie

    dominoz in Copy Writing

    Hey all, I just used the search feature and searched 'no experience' and didn't come up with anything so I'll just post this up. I'm new to copywriting. I've always ... [read more]

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    I need around 50 articles monthly, who should I hire?

    Hi Fellow Warriors, I have several websites that I mainly promote using bum marketing. I'm very pleased with the results thus far, but am really tired of writing articles by ... [read more]