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    How marketers used the Super Bowl to influence fans on social media and search

    A new article on Martech.org reports that NFTs and crypto crashed the party on game day and boosted awareness week over week in the lead up. The Super Bowl is ... [read more]

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    Super Bowl Thread...

    discrat in Off Topic

    Wild card playoffs are coming tomorrow and Sunday. I am pulling for my Titans who have a 'pass' this weekend. How about the rest of you guys ??

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    Here are the top performing Super Bowl YouTube ads

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Super Bowl regularly features some of the most expensive advertisements for broadcast and commercial viewership, with a 30-second slot costing $5.6 million. This year's Super Bowl featured the regulars (Budweiser, ... [read more]

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    Super Bowl LVI: Marketing Dive is tracking every ad

    A new page on Marketing Dive is tracking every upcoming Superbowl Ad. You can head straight to the page by clicking on this link! Super Bowl kickoff is still two ... [read more]

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    Watch Will Ferrell hilariously bash Norway in this GM Super Bowl ad

    WF- Enzo in Ad Networks

    General Motors just released a new 60-second Super Bowl ad, showing a visibly upset Will Ferrell leaving his house to take on a mission to "crush those lugers", and then ... [read more]

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    Certain big brands will be MIA on Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl 55 will kick off on Sunday, but many familiar brands will be absent from the annual championship game, according to Adweek. In the past, brands like Budweiser and ... [read more]

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    [EASY EVERGREEN FIVERR SUPER BOWL CASH] 49 Year Old Sports Illiterate Jersey Shore Mom Shows ...

    barbling in

    REVIEWS are superb! ✔ Originally Posted by NickMann Barb has been a Trusted Warrior for a long time.. I'm glad to see she's back to putting out more products... I ... [read more]

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    [EASY FIVERR POST SUPER BOWL CASH] 47 Year Old Sports Illiterate Jersey Shore Mom Shows How ANYONE..

    barbling in

    WAIT!!!!! Oh wow, whew, so glad I caught you! Stop scrolling! Oh wait, you already did. My apologies, sometimes my eyesight plays tricks on me. Anywhos! I'm so glad ... [read more]

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    You ready to CASH IN on the up-coming BIG SUPER BOWL ?? **HUGE REVENUE OPPORTUNITY** get in now !!

    rashmiranjan in

    Did you know that , SUPER BOWL : * Is the most-watched Television program in history, drawing an average audience of staggering 106.5 million viewers every year !! * Because ... [read more]

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    12-12-12 Special BackLinks Bowl Exclusive Service--Diversified Verified Links-Starts@$7 Free Reviews

    IMKing in

    For any more questions please PM me or mail me. Contact Email: imkingseo [@] gmail.com 20 Free Reviews of Trial Bowl Pack to War Room Members and Members with ... [read more]

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    Would You Rather Lick A Dirty Toilet Bowl Clean Than Write Another Word Of Content? *5 Star Writers*

    warrioronfire in

    Would You Rather Lick A Dirty Toilet Bowl Clean Than Write Another Word Of Content? Five Star Content Writers At Your Service! Do you absolutely HATE writing content with ... [read more]