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    How to control the sitelinks in Google SERPS?

    Chloe Brooks in SEO

    Hi When you enter our brand name I am getting the wrong sitelinks to show up. How to control this? Is there a way to remove the existing ones? Is ... [read more]

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    Which control panel is best to manage site?

    Roshel in Internet Marketing

    I'm thinking of buying VPS for website, but confused with control panels. cPanel and Plesk both seem similar to me after reading the documentations, can anyone tell me which one ... [read more]

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    Noticeable changes in spam control

    This is just an update that I can share with you. After GDPR changes gmail seems to block messages more often based on their body content. Same goes for Yahoo ... [read more]

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    Something You Can Always Control ...

    (... No Matter What's Happening) Have you heard of Viktor E. Frankl? He was a Holocaust survivor and the Author of the best-selling book "Man's Search For Meaning." Viktor believed ... [read more]

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    How can I control what ads are posted on my Facebook fan page?

    barickiza in Social Networks

    People started contacting me, and offer to pay me to place ads on my fan page as shown on screenshot. Allegedly on a business manager, you can control which ads ... [read more]

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    Track email signs up on pages you don't control as an affiliate

    I have been struggling to find a good tool. What is the best tracking software that reports the number of email subscribers you have acquired through your unique affiliate link ... [read more]

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    RE Magento 2: What is the Best Way to Build Inventory Control, Quickbooks Sync, and eBay Sync

    kdh38 in eCommerce

    Hello, I curretnly sell on eBay, but I want to build my Magento 2 store that will be selling the same stuff as I sell on eBay. I know Magento ... [read more]

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    Using Experiments to Get Crazy(ier) But Still Be In Control

    pauloadaoag from slideshare

    In this slide deck, Susan Wenograd walks through her method of testing changes to Search Engine Marketing.