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    The effect of exaggerating your skills

    Do you fake it, until you make it, or are you exaggerating your skills? In advertising, I read very often:"The best, The number one, The only, And so on..." But ... [read more]

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    Will foreign web host effect SEO?

    botanica in SEO

    I am in the USA but considering starting a Wordpress blog site using a web host in Iceland. This is because I will be posting controversial content that could possibly ... [read more]

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    Effect of moving website overseas

    Michael Crocker in SEO

    I have a client that is the USA division of an international company. The USA website has always been a separate domain from the international site, but now the international ... [read more]

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    Does changing the Theme of the website have any effect on the keyword ranking?

    dozerin in Social Networks

    hell, everyone, Does changing the Theme of the website have any effect on the keyword ranking

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    The Most Advanced Video Player - Covert Player V4 Relaunch (Responsive Design)

    Mark Dulisse in

    September 20th Update Hey everyone, with today's Version 4.1 release, I forgot to tell you on salespage, you can do cool stuff like on the links below. Very Cool Demo's ... [read more]

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    How long for backlinks to take effect on ranking?

    fabyoga in SEO

    Hi, I have gained a couple of backlinks from high quality blogs over the last few weeks and haven't seen any change in my google ranking. I am currently on ... [read more]

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    TikTok Has Launched its First LiDAR-Enabled AR Effect for the iPhone 12

    A new article on Social Media Today predicts that, with AR set to get a lot more attention and development in the coming twelve months, new technology such as wearable ... [read more]

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    Effect on SEO of changing post title?

    WordsByJustin in Beginners Area

    One of my roundup posts has made it to #9 in Google Search ('17 Pinterest Experts Best Tips For 2018') and I was wondering what effect it might have if ... [read more]

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    PPC - what effect does this have?

    Kay King in PPC/SEM

    There have been several threads about declining earnings with Adsense but I'm interested in comments about the other side. Have those placing PPC ads on google and FB seen improving ... [read more]

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    Effect of very fast ranking

    Pamela123 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I have noticed that some people are very busy to rank their website very fast. Most of them do not accept the idea of doing off-page SEO. They think ... [read more]

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    You can now create your own augmented reality effect on IG Stories

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Augmented reality (AR) is one of the many emerging trends that marketers can start utilizing, and Facebook's Spark AR platform is one of them. And in October last year, Facebook ... [read more]

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    google ad blockers now in effect as of feb 15

    newxxx in Internet Marketing

    Desktop Pop-up Ads Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound Prestitial Ads with Countdown Large Sticky Ads Mobile Pop-up Ads Prestitial Ads Ad Density >30% Flashing Animated Ads Auto-playing Video Ads with ... [read more]

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    Rajeev Gaur in Social Networks

    Hi all, I m new in social media. I want to know that getting the paid likes or followers on social media also gives the benefits to SEO ranking as ... [read more]

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    the psychological effect of trusted brands....

    I have a question for everyone about the psychological effect of trusted brands. So lets say you go to a site. It has a very popular trust seal on it. ... [read more]

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    Website layout / elements effect on ads conversion?

    Igor Vst28 in PPC/SEM

    Hi guys, I am running the ads campaign for webshop (wordpress website + woocommerce), and I need your opinion for website layout / elements regarding its effect on ads conversion ... [read more]

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    Do back-links from Facebook page have an effect on ranking?

    lowriderzzz in SEO

    I have a small niche blog on a local language and a Facebook page for it as well. Since one year till now I post on the Facebook page roughly ... [read more]

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    What is the effect of a backlink in a low DA/PA site?

    IceFlok in SEO

    Hello! I work in the "clothes for babies" niche and more and more moms are starting their blogs. Many of them contact my e-commerce to build a partnership. Unfortunately, mostly ... [read more]

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    Number of categories and sub-categories: effect on SEO?

    rmnnet in SEO

    Suppose I want to review clothes and accessories. Obviously I would want at least the following categories: Clothes Shoes Wallets Sunglasses However, for a better user experience, I would probably ... [read more]

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    can anybody tell me what is social bookmarking site and what is its effect?

    seam61 in SEO

    I want know more about social bookmarking site.I have such a small knowledge about it. Can anybody help me please?

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    Changing content, effect keywords?

    Hedgestone in SEO

    Hello, I am looking to update content on one of my pages and will have someone potentially rewrite it all, but keep all the same keywords that are all ranking ... [read more]

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    Allowing Do Follow Blog Comment & Effect On PR

    Dele in

    Hi folks, I am quite aware of the advantages of allowing "do follow" blog comments e.g. enhanced traffic, increased content etc I am also aware of the disadvantages of allowing ... [read more]

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    number vs alphanumeric id effect on serps?

    arya6000 in SEO

    I'm creating a new website. It will be very large, I have the option of having numeric IDs or alphanumeric IDs, like the example below mysite.com/articletitle/numbericid mysite.com/articletitle/alphanumbericid Does it make ... [read more]

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    Warrior Dollar Deal #1 - Get a Legal Privacy Policy - News Laws in Effect for 2015

    kindsvater in

    HOW TO GET A LEGAL WEBSITE PRIVACY POLICY NEW 2015 LAWS REQUIRE CHANGES Dear friend, If you are already one of the hundreds of members of my Internet Marketing Law ... [read more]

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    Does mobile redirect effect SEO

    leowald in SEO

    Hi, We have 2 sites one that has a mobile version and one that does not. If we redirect the one that does not have a mobile version to the ... [read more]

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    What is the main effect of BERT update in the micro niche site ?

    amjadshuvo in SEO

    The impact of BERT is not sky-scraper but noticeable. It has brought change almost 10 % of queries in the organic ranking, according to Goggle. Now, what is the effect ... [read more]