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    WARNING: Expert says having "no-follow" links on a page hurts your rankings

    Zac The Man in SEO

    According to an article on Yoast.com: You used to be able to prevent losing link value to unimportant links by giving them a 'no-follow' tag. A 'no-follow' tag asks Google ... [read more]

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    15 Entrepreneurs' Motivational Tips and Expert Advice in 2017 to Keep You Going in 2018!

    Admit it; we're all born a PRO... Yep, PROcrastinators! We have the drive inside us waiting to be unleashed, but there's always something that hinders us from making things ... [read more]

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    How to become a content writing expert ?

    Hi there!! Welcome to warrior forum Recently I have started a blog using my basic knowledge. I know little search engine optimization. But the problem is I know a little ... [read more]

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    Critique First Copy Draft Please, Suggestions for Draft #2, expert or not.

    workflow in Copy Writing

    Please critique following sales page. All ideas, suggestions, constructive criticisms, or angry excuses to vent appreciated. Sales Letter

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    For SEO Expert!

    millieanderson in SEO

    Hi SEO Experts. I thinks so its really very difficult question for everyone. Because i want to gain website traffic without content marketing. Its not kidding am serious. I want ... [read more]

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    Local SEO - Looking for expert opinion

    Venkatesh Krishna in SEO

    Dear Forum members, My clients are asking me to optimise their location on Google map. I'm trying to find a good citation building/maintaining service and a good white label SEO ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads Expert Consultant Needs Advice

    I run my own consultancy business. I specialise in getting shopify stores leads and sales through facebook ads, however I have found it difficult getting get strategy sessions with shopify ... [read more]

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    I need a expert!

    cliffaz780 in SEO

    I do seminars, my competition does too, I want to market to the location they are doing their seminar, so if anyone searches if the people they are sitting with ... [read more]

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    I may need a marketing expert at this point

    Hi guys, It took me a while to develop a website product, with my own time and resources. Which is ready now and there have been some interest from the ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan pages , help!! ANy social media expert around?

    Pjamble in Social Networks

    Hi Guys , hope everything is going well. I have a general question About facebook fanpages. I'm in the dating / adult marketing industry. And i need to make Facebook ... [read more]

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    Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets book. 'New Opportunity' vs 'Improvement Offer'.

    I have read Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets. Although it is a good book, it is difficult to take action on without any support from him to actually work out how ... [read more]

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    Which internet marketing experts do you follow on social sites or email marketing?

    levyorit in Email Marketing

    I mean experts that really give value, suggest courses and methods that they use, not those who send 3 emails a week and try to sell low value products. Please ... [read more]

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    Looking for an awesome IG Followliker expert for some further targeting advice

    SDJ74 in Social Networks

    Hi Brothers and sisters, Having been on Instagram for a while now, I´ve seen some terrific results on my accounts. Both in terms of engagement and lead generation. But recently ... [read more]

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    What Sells You?

    As experts in sales techniques what sells you? What does it take? Why? Sales funnels? Credentials? Personal testimonials? A tip from someone you trust, more or less? Flashy images? A ... [read more]

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    How To Find An On Page & SEO Analysis Expert

    ClaudeMonet in SEO

    Folks, I have a really cool project what I'm working on since 2014. I put almost 100K in marketing/ development and all my attention on the project. I provide GREAT ... [read more]

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    Who is the best CPA one on one expert?

    I'm no newbie to IM or even cpa HOWEVER, I need someone to say do this then this then this and that's how you do it. Don't we all lol... ... [read more]

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    Need opinions on ASO

    Hello Warriors, I am an indie android game developer and released more than 7 games to the Google Play Store (free/and with iap) since last two years. And I think ... [read more]

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    Expert help needed for Facebook!

    sendizo in Social Networks

    Greetings warriors! I m planning to use Facebook Ads - for the goal to build a brand presence for our product & build engaging followers. Our product is an Online ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Expert at Your Services

    themubeen in

    Accepting orders again. Hello Warriors, I am an experienced and professional full time Wordpress developer previously worked for many multinational companies, now working as a freelancer. Here is the list ... [read more]

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    Seeking expert dropshipper advice

    KKN8089 in eCommerce

    Greetings everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone knows any reliable dropship program that is newer and growing fast or any old school programs that will let me utilize them ... [read more]

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    Where to find a GOOD marketing expert to join us?

    Hey guys, Thought id ask the question on here to see what you guys think. We are looking to get someone to come on board with us who has a ... [read more]

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    Local Map Pack - Expected CTR VS Spam name (Local SEO expert only please)

    Linegend in SEO

    I'm doing local SEO for a dentist and the "business name" is her own name. So basically, it looks like "First name + Last name". The problem I'm facing is ... [read more]

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    WordPress Expert Help: Trusted By Warriors for WordPress Fix, Migration, Customization, SEO & More

    vikash_kumar in

    WordPress Expert Help: Trusted By Warriors for WordPress Fix, Migration, Customization, SEO & Many More Things (Scroll Down for Testimonials of Many Happy Warriors) I have 8 years of ... [read more]

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    The Recipe For Successful Expert Roundup Posts

    Vijay Khandekar in Learn

    Expert roundups are a tricky piece of content. They're basically everywhere, and not everyone is doing them well. When they hit a sweet spot, they can do wonders for everyone ... [read more]