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    Should I Prospect Myself Or Hire Someone To Prospect For Me? Referrals Or Cold Calls

    If you have been in sales more than a week, the idea has popped into your brain that you could hire someone to make prospecting calls for you...while you simply ... [read more]

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    How to hire a "traffic amplifier"...??

    corleone72 in Social Networks

    My site has a ton of high value, extensive articles, features and interviews on it. I've used PPC a lot for straight sales but with Optinmonster delivering 350 free email ... [read more]

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    Hire A Mentor? Yes or No

    I'm a cartoonist/illustrator. I recently was in touch with a internet giant who really knows his stuff when it comes to creating websites, content, etc. -- and making a profit. ... [read more]

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    How to hire a tech co founder

    Where are some good places to find technical co founders. I've come up with some ideas myself. 1. local meet up groups 2. linkedin network 3. warrior forum and similar ... [read more]

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    Best place to hire ghostwriters in 2015?

    jex1 in Internet Marketing

    I used to have an amazing ghostwriter (a member on here) but things soured and I have not been in contact with them for almost a year now. In the ... [read more]

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    Wanna hire a cheap article writer? Here's what you get.

    DeePower in Internet Marketing

    As an experiment I hired several writing services who charge one cent a word or less and several individual writers as well. The articles I received were barely legible. I ... [read more]

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    Would you hire a IM coach for $5000?

    Sakki in Internet Marketing

    I'm a little stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm still fairly new to IM (only been at it for about 5 months) and have made some decent ... [read more]

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    Hire an article writer for my niche site

    dj2590 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, for the last 2 months I've been putting together a niche site in the dog training niche. I'm trying to turn it some what into an authority site. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress: Should I do my own SEO or hire help?

    Key Seek in SEO

    Greetings, I have a site that is looking quite good. I used Wordpress. About a year ago I built a site using Weebley, and it was terrible. But this time ... [read more]

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    Why doesn't someone offer cold-calling in Warriors For Hire?

    Neodism in Offline Marketing

    I don't want to hire someone from Odesk. End of story. I want someone who is completely fluent in English and who can easily understand the service that I am ... [read more]

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    Any way to hire online and avoid paying % to odesk/elance?

    Hi warriors, I am sure some of you are using odesk, elance or some other website. I was wondering if there was a way to hire freelancers without giving a ... [read more]

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    Where to hire a freelance Android developer?

    Hi so i want to know something were can i safely hire a professional android developer freelance? I have tried freelancer.com and had very bad experience and have been scammed ... [read more]

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    Where to hire people ?

    Spree Ads in Internet Marketing

    Where do you guys hire people for full time and part time jobs or for gigs or simple tasks? I know the few big ones but anyone know any other ... [read more]

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    Do Internet Marketers Hire Homeless People?

    Dominican in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering if anyone has done this? Is this something that anyone would do? (May seem odd, but some homeless people do have access to the internet).

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    Why do some clients think the writers they hire are beneath them?

    John Coutts in Off Topic

    I just parted company with a client I acquired last week. He promised me long-term work, and he was willing to pay reasonably well too. I did a couple of ... [read more]

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    On-site Optimization, should I hire someone?

    KenWCMG in SEO

    Hi, I get the felling that my wordpress website (Scottish Winter Climbing Courses - West Coast Mountain Guides) needs to have on-site optimization carried out. I was thinking along the ... [read more]

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    Looking to Hire a Mentor

    ozzmandan in Internet Marketing

    Fellow Warriors, I am looking to hire a Mentor who can take me all the way to the top 10%! I am currently a Newbie, and need assistance applying the ... [read more]

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    Getting work

    seobro in Web Design

    Here is how to get work if you design web pages. All of us need more exposure. To be top of mind is your purpose. People will hire you... if ... [read more]

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    First time importing, should I hire a customs broker?

    er90 in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, First time importing and hoping those with experience can help with some advice. Will be importing a light weight product from Alibaba to try out on amazon FBA. ... [read more]

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    New store and need to hire someone to help with all involved

    toopies in Internet Marketing

    I've been looking around this site for a while - had a question for the experts please. If you had to choose one person to hire for your new online ... [read more]

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    I Can't Believe How Tough It Is to Hire a Logo Designer!

    Geez, lousi! I'm willing to pay, what's the problem??? Send me a PM.

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    Where can I hire someone to make a review video?

    Hello Where is the best place to hire someone to make a review video for a product that will be releasing in couple of days ?

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    Write it yourself or hire a copywriter?

    John Cho in Copy Writing

    So I am writing a Sales Page.. for a $10 product. My first time doing this but before I go ahead I wanted to ask your opinions on this. I ... [read more]

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    Should you hire a Social Media Manager?

    northwish in Social Networks

    Which are your biggest obstacles in maintaining & updating your social media pages/profiles? Do you hire a social media manager? If so, how much do you invest per month in ... [read more]

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    the Warriors for Hire forum scares me....

    awicky in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking to start a writing service - articles, blog posts, ebooks, ghostwriting, proofreading, etc. I'd like to eventually turn that service into something full-time, and to do that, I ... [read more]