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    Are there any similar webistes like magic links or weave media?

    Shawn Luo in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am an marketer working for an e-commerce site(Apparel). We are finding webiste like magic links or weave media. We wanna work as an advertiser in those sites. Are ... [read more]

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    Nitroflare links and earning money with them

    bm2 in Internet Marketing

    Theres something i don`t understand and nitroflare wasn`t clearining it up. If i upload some valuable material on nitroflare and people download it. Do i get paid? Or do i ... [read more]

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    Paid ads in subreddits? Affiliate links?

    curtfit in Internet Marketing

    So I'm setting up some shopify stores right now BUT I had an idea bout affiliate marketing in sub-reddits? Like running a paid campaign through reddit for an affiliate link? ... [read more]

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    If internal links point to a page that then canonicals to another page, is the link juice passed?

    Crushplanets in SEO

    A client has pointed internal links to a page with search parameters in the URL, but that page is setup to canonical to the correct product page. Do I need ... [read more]

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    [SEO For Musicians] Have you indexed your Spotify links?

    Do you know that 20% of Spotify’s music inventory has never been listened? (1). Indeed, there are around 4 million songs that haven’t ever had any stream. This means that ... [read more]

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    More links from directory submission

    Voora in SEO

    If I am Getting more links from directory submission, Will it affect my website?

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    Submitting pages to google you got links on, yes or no?

    br4mz1 in SEO

    We got 10 links over the last 2 weeks and I was a little pissed because our rankings were the same. Google hadn't seen them yet, as they were not ... [read more]

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    Do I need more than PBN links and social signals?

    Ron Diamond in SEO

    Hi guys. I'm quite new to SEO so would very much appreciate the kind advice from those more experienced. I'm looking to hire someone to rank one of my sites ... [read more]

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    How to generate referral / affiliate links?

    I have a website that lists products and courses. Some of these course providers have no affiliate programs. Is there any system where these courses could generate a referral / ... [read more]

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    1000th Post: Resources for New Copywriters

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    updated 07/06/16 Here are some links for new copywriters. For now I have these areas: --What is Copywriting? --How to Get Started --How to Find Free/Low Cost Copywriting Education Resources ... [read more]

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    Which method is better to open affiliate links?

    ctoyun in Internet Marketing

    I put 1-2 affiliate links in my article. Which method is better to open affiliate links? 1) Opens the affiliate links in a new window or tab. 2) Opens the ... [read more]

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    Can I have affiliate links in videos?

    nitesh in Internet Marketing

    Hello Everyone, I just want to know more about the affiliate links in youtube videos. Can I have affiliate links in the video description to get the people sign up ... [read more]

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    How to correct weird broken links on crawl error listings

    We recently migrated from x-cart to shopify. All old url's were redirect to shopify. For some unknown reason a growing number of url's have been showing up as broken links. ... [read more]

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    Creating internal links to Home page

    hunter888 in SEO

    Hi guys, I am creating a web site for dogs, and my home page is the money page. I am going to create 200 pages for dog breeds, and link ... [read more]

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    Clickbank links not working?

    When I test my link I recieve this message: "We are experiencing an issue processing your order. Please try again later." Anybody else experiencing this? I've never had this before.

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    Amazon affiliates: Do your Amazon affiliate links go bad?

    ncloud in Internet Marketing

    If there's any Amazon affiliates here, I have a couple of questions. I have no experience yet. I wanted to create a pdf with Amazon affilate links in it, and ... [read more]

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    How do you test your affiliate links to ensure they work/convert?

    NYPHILLY in Internet Marketing

    I want to test out my affiliate link to make sure that it actually converts of first-page submit because the last campaign I ran, my link did not work and ... [read more]

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    1 dofollow link = how many nofollow links?

    avemfly619619 in SEO

    Anyone know about no follow links? Can you suggest me How many no follow should I create in a day? Can you suggest me How many Do follow should I ... [read more]

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    Is paying for links cheating if done like this...

    KulaShaker1 in SEO

    So I can't really work out whether or not this is something google would penalise.. I'm not going to name the firm to either give them advertising or subject them ... [read more]

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    How to find broken links in a website?

    Arun Sivaraj in SEO

    I want to find broken links in any specific page on the web so that I can ask the developers to replace that link with my link. But I don't ... [read more]

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    How to Remove Links From Google Search Result?

    jemee in SEO

    Hi, I've noticed there are a lot of unnecessary links indexed by Google. I know it's my false . But now I want to remove all of these unnecessary archive ... [read more]

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    Do we need to really disavow links in 2017? Or Google is ignoring low quality & bad links?

    michealtech in SEO

    Hi all, I would like to get some experts and experienced opinions on this. So we see number of backlinks to our website where some to many of them are ... [read more]

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    Wiki Links for SEO?

    rdimabuyu in SEO

    Has anyone tried creating articles and submitting to Wikipedia to generate links? Not considering broken link building from wikis. Was it effective? How far did it go? TIA