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    Lookalike Audiences restricted for certain advertisers

    WF Will in Ad Networks

    Hey Warriors! If any of you guys are currently advertising in the US housing, employment or credit industry, you're going to want to read up on this. On August 26th, ... [read more]

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    Facebook Custom Lookalike Audience From Customer List Not Available Anymore?

    MAririguzo in Social Networks

    Hey team, Relatively new social media marketer here. I have a question on using a customer list that I currently have (csv form) and transferring the list to my facebook ... [read more]

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    Creating lookalike audiences without LTVs (facebook ads)

    Damnsolo in Social Networks

    Hi all, I don't know if it's a new update or what not but I'm having trouble creating a lookalike audience from the custom list I uploaded (in .csv). In ... [read more]

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    Minimum emails for lookalike audience in Facebook ads

    BeverlyTaylor in PPC/SEM

    Hi, we have a prospective client who only has 600 to 700 emails in her email autoresponder. We are considering doing a lookalike audience, but all I've ever known is ... [read more]

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    FB Targeting Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences Question...

    MarketingAce in PPC/SEM

    So I'm new to FB ads & was trying to create a new campaign to target a "lookalike audience" from my "custom audiences" that I've imported (email leads). The problem ... [read more]