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    What is Your offer? Are you easy to say "Yes" to?

    Niel Patel refers to selling in Brazil as an easy way to make a thousand sales at an over $1, 000.00 price point, because they can't get out of paying, ... [read more]

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    Do you use ALL of the affiliate emails provided with an offer?

    ncloud in Beginners Area

    Some affiliate offers on Clickbank have several emails that you can use on their affiliate tools page. If they have like 13 emails and they're numbered 1 to 13, does ... [read more]

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    Dime sale on a resell rights product and offer it to affiliates ? Good idea (on both) or Not.

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I would like to know and wondering , what you guys think, would it be a good (or great) idea to put a dime sale on a ... [read more]

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    Solo Ads - Can it work for my offer

    simonmc in Email Marketing

    I'm exploring different ways of driving traffic to my offer which I think just needs to get some good eyes on it to be a success but I'm not sure ... [read more]

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    First Affiliate offer on Facebook Advertising

    connor142 in Beginners Area

    Hey guys! I wanted to try and start a follow along! on friday i started my first facebook advertisement for a MaxBounty Offer for a dog toy monthly subscription box. ... [read more]

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    Can my offer work like that?

    Hey guys.. I have a question.. I wanted to start my first offer ) But i am a little bit nervous and wanted to ask you for some tips.. I ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to sell affiliate offer once

    Hi I was recently wondering if I will be able to make a one-time affiliate campaign. Because I don't want to spend so much time on building the audience, make ... [read more]

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    How I Sold 985 Copies of an Affiliate Offer in 5 Days (Step by Step)

    When I first started online in 2002, it took me a year to sell 985 copies of anything. These days, I can typically do it in the span of a ... [read more]

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    Is it a bad idea to have an affiliate product offer on your thank you page?

    ncloud in Email Marketing

    Originally I heard that if you don't have product offers on your thank you page and download page then you're leaving money on the table. So I added affiliate product ... [read more]

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    Could any freelancers here offer some advice?

    zapcat2018 in Beginners Area

    Hey all you Freelancers! What is the one part of being a freelancer do you wish you had help with when you started out? I'm new to this and want ... [read more]

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    Please can someone offer some advice?

    Hello. Recently I've started to design t-shirts on a website called teespring.com. The site is crowded with so many shirts and users it's essentially impossible to sell any significant amount ... [read more]

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    Job Posting Sites That Offer Free Trial

    NYPHILLY in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for job posting sites that offer a free trial period. I want to be able to test out the service before paying anything, and the free posting ... [read more]

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    Have you guys found it better to just offer one pricing option for your product vs. multiple options

    Bkelly301 in Internet Marketing

    For the last 8 months, I have been making about $1000 per month from selling lifetime memberships to my website for $47. This was my price for this product for ... [read more]

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    Sales Per Hop on Free + Ship Offer

    Notright in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I just started promoting a free+ship offer. I was reluctant because the front end commission is so low (like 6 bucks) and I don't always trust clickbank vendors ... [read more]

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    People R Opting In To My Email List, But They Wont Convert When They Get To The Offer. Help Plz? :*(

    tortorfires in Beginners Area

    I finally launched a campaign. People will get to my page and sign up for my newsletters/updates. But when they get to the offer page they don't convert. I've built ... [read more]

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    How do I target Spanish people for a particular cpa offer?

    TheSupremeGuy in Beginners Area

    Hey, I'm not from Spain and I need to target Spanish people for a particular CPA offer. I don't want to jump into paid ads now. How do I do ... [read more]

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    Do you focus your entire campaign around the Back end offer?

    Hi, starting my first campaign. I was wondering if focusing my entire campaign around the back end sale is the best strategy when starting out. Any tips?

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    How to create an Opt-In Page for an affiliate offer that already has an Opt-In Page

    Carrie Mikell in Beginners Area

    Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to create an opt-in page for an affiliate offer that already has them directed directly to an opt-in page. The affiliate link is ... [read more]

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    Emmanuelayo in Ad Networks

    Hey guys, is there anyone who works with Adworkmedia, BountyCPA or any other CPA plaform? If yes, please share with me how you make money on these platform. Thanks guys!

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    Including products or services you don't actually offer...

    Let's say you run a hardware store selling wheelbarrows hammers screwdrivers adhesives drills But then you do you research and you discover, that lawnmowers garden lighting saws are coming up ... [read more]

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    Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets book. 'New Opportunity' vs 'Improvement Offer'.

    I have read Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets. Although it is a good book, it is difficult to take action on without any support from him to actually work out how ... [read more]

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    Jay Abraham - free offer

    Reg in Internet Marketing

    Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professionals go to Abraham.com/50shades! No opt-in required; sells absolutely nothing. Gives over 800 hours of priceless strategic marketing and business growth expertise: Videos, Audios, Full-length Best-selling ... [read more]

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    Advertising Zone for PIPS Members ONLY

    Patrician in

    History Prior to August 6, 2008 Free Advertising Zone The Warrior Forum Please continue on from here.

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    Low ticket offer in your funnel (affiliate markting)

    Hello everyone, What do you think about promoting a low ticket offer (tripwire) to your leads before trying to sell them your core offer? Is it important ? and i ... [read more]