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    Need A Good CPA Network with PPD Offers

    Alex Motor in Ad Networks

    Hello, I have been doing CPA Marketing for a while on MaxBounty but I have recently been interested in doing PPD offers. The only offers I have found on MaxBounty ... [read more]

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    Testing mobile CPA offers

    Hi guys. I need some help. Lets say I would like to test out 5-10 offers in the same vertical. How I would do it: I use adeplexity spyware, which ... [read more]

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    How to get started with CPA offers

    Jozef Majda in PPC/SEM

    Hi I have been doing CPA marketing and PPC with bing with bad ROI. I was promoting surey offers, baby diapers offer . .. Any ideas how to choose the ... [read more]

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    I am having issue with Adword promoting offers!

    Funnybro myl in PPC/SEM

    I am investing in Adword, each month till now I already invested 350+350+350 dollars but haven't made any good ROI or sales, Don't know whats going on, I am not ... [read more]

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    Where do I get cheap traffic sources for low payout CPA offers

    Krisvecoh in Ad Networks

    Please I am in need of ideas on how to promote CPA offers like sweepstakes, mobile app installs and other low paying CPA offers from cheap traffic sources other than ... [read more]

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    Is it necesery to have landing page for affiliate marketing that promote adult offers ?

    I see some of them they provide you only smart link so i was wondering what do you guys think ?

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    CPA network for newbie that have good offers?

    Hello, Warriors, I am starting CPA marketing and joined ADVIDI network as I listened they accept newbies. My plan is to earn money from free traffic(due to very low budget) ... [read more]

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    (Affiliate Marketing) Trial Offers with Facebook

    JC illuminous in Ad Networks

    Ok, guys, I would like to hear what approach you guys recommend. I hear Facebook doesn't allow Trial Offer so email gen sounds the way to go. although I am ... [read more]

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    Landing page set up to promote click bank offers

    RealBuzOpp in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I am need of some help to get traffic to my website to promote my landing page. So far I have a landing page and thank you page ... [read more]

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    Need Some Advice on promoting Dating Offers

    KaziMezan in Beginners Area

    Hi, I want to promote Dating offers using Traffic Junky and JuicyAds. Because of Low budget i can not afford web hosting for my own landing pages so want to ... [read more]

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    How to use Email Marketing with CPA Offers?

    OliverM201 in Email Marketing

    Hi there, I'm part of CPA networks like MaxBounty and I know that having a list (or several of them) is a vital asset, but when it comes to CPA ... [read more]

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    Keep Prospects From "Thinking It Over" And Shopping Other Offers

    If you sell one idea, one package, one program, one service, one product....or even just a few offers, this will apply to you. If you sell 1,000 different items, it ... [read more]

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    Display network traffic with clickbank offers (in newsletter)?

    ncloud in PPC/SEM

    Can you make a profit promoting (as an affiliate) Clickbank products (in your newsletter) to traffic from the Google Adwords Display Network? Does anybody do this? The reason I ask ... [read more]

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    How to get targeted traffic for Bitcoin and crypto offers?

    egoldzone in Off Topic

    Hi Guys, How to get targeted traffic for Bitcoin and crypto offers? Please share here your idea and suggestion Thanks

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    Is there any addon that can help me to managing the offers in my eCommerce store?

    Neha Shukla in eCommerce

    I have an eCommerce store and want a module that can allow me to easily manage the promotional offers. Is there any addon that can help me?

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    Best way to promote CPA Financial offers

    Hello, I have just started CPA Affiliate marketing. I have promoted so many offers regarding health and fitness. Now I wanna promote offers under Finance category like personal loans, education ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Offers that have Pre-Made Landing Pages?

    I recently found an offer that seems like a good opportunity in the gambling vertical. The landing page and a fake-news pre sell page is already made, so it seems ... [read more]

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    High Ticket Health & Fitness Offers?

    Hi there, It is my goal to build a email list within the Fitness/Weight loss niche and build a relationship with them, but also promote affiliate products to this market ... [read more]

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    what are cpa offers that facebook block

    yemen oro in Beginners Area

    hi guys i want to launch my first compaigns on facebook ads but i'am scared that facebook block my account please what are offers banned by facebook

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    Can we trust Review Copy reviews of WSO offers?

    Hello all I have seen in various WSO threads, users asking for a review copy of the offer. Usually, the user then posts a positive review of the WSO for ... [read more]

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    No success sending FB traffic to my Affiliate Offers. How to handle cold traffic?

    Hey Guys! My problem is that I don't know why my traffic is not converting in my funnel. My funnel looks like that: Facebook Ad -> Squeeze Page -> Thank ... [read more]

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    outsourcing youtube videos for promoting affiliate offers?

    does anybody know of a service, or a particular person that will create review videos for a descent price? I am camera shy.. and everytime I try to do a ... [read more]