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    Why are my AdWords ads returning 404's with [*Campaign*] in the url?

    DomFinch in Ad Networks

    When you search for our brand name on Google on mobile you get an AdWords ad - when you click through it you get a 404 page and this url ... [read more]

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    Advice, Please! | Returning newbie lurker

    mikeh2015 in Beginners Area

    Hey All, My name's Mike, and about 3 years ago I lurked all the affiliate forums I could find. I find myself consistently drawn back to AM for some reason... ... [read more]

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    MaxBounty SOAP API getKey returning Blank String

    blues1143 in Programming

    I am struggling to return anything from the maxBounty API for getKey. Wondering if anybody has any ideas? Does anybody have a working request they can send me to emulate. ... [read more]

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    <Must have WP Plugin> "12 hours" ... "bringing in enough commissions to pay for the plug-in"

    Nino in

    Revisit Xperience Wordpress Plugin - YouTube Originally Posted by keithwin This a great plug-in and a no-brainer. I bought it yesterday and put it on several of my websites ... [read more]

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    Scrape box returning wrong URLS

    br4mz1 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, So im using Scrapebox for prospecting and im searching the following strings turf online buy tools online wine store online online cycling store natural supplements My goal is ... [read more]