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    [Copywriting] PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Online Marketing Experience - Now on WF!

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    (Browse this thread for more reviews/testimonials!) Remember, I have a new thread for my copy rewriting service! Click Now to visit that page! Have questions? Post here on the ... [read more]

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    WSOTD copywriter Limited Time Special Offer!

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    [COPYWRITER] 30% Conversions?? $50K In Sales In 1 Weekend?? Rave Reviews Inside!!

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    Originally Posted by Mike Cruickshank I don't do testimonials normally. But Jeremey has just written a sales letter for a $97 product which is now converting at 20%. Amazing ... [read more]

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    Split Testing 101: How to Double Your Sales Using Split Testing - [2016] [DEC] [Video]

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    Hey War Room Members, I have decided to give FREE Access to my Split Testing 101 course But you can download it for free as a War Room member here: ... [read more]

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    Specific Gravity

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    Inspecificity. Does anyone know

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    Does Your Copywriting Make Your Hair Stand on End With Excitement?

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    Wednesday 16 November 2011 quick update... I've just had a client cancel their copywriting project due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Which is very good news for you since ... [read more]

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    *Serious about IM? Feature Articles for Authority Sites*

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    Do you know the difference between a good article and a great article? (Hint: It's not the word count.) A great article - I mean a truly great article - ... [read more]

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    Sold out, sorry.

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    Killer Copy That Converts!!

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    "Imagine raking in more cash from your next sales letter than you ever thought possible" Dear fellow Warrior, If you'd like to see some serious cash coming in from your ... [read more]

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    This offer is now closed. Thanks Warriors!

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    Want MASSIVE Conversions? Hypnotic Sales Copy Pulls Crazy Money! Get Some!

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    WSO Copywriting For Massive Financial Success -... If you wanna sell stuff, you've gotta convince folks that your product is worth it. When they see what you've got to ... [read more]

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    PRICES SLASHED! Jack Of All Trades We Are Not...Get Fantastic Content For The Health Niche HERE

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    NOTE- $4 OFF FOR THIS WEEK ONLY! Price Locked In For OnGoing Clients... Are you looking for a service provider who delivers TOP NOTCH CONTENT that will turn your visitors ... [read more]

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    [8-Time WSO Of The Day Copywriter] If you DO NOT hire me, YOU ARE WRONG.

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    "Her copywriting is superb. I thought I had just hired Dan Kennedy to do my copy." ... you? A WSO LEGEND? Hire a world-class copywriter today." Fellow Warrior: It is ... [read more]

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    Will These Little Tips Earn You More Cash? -- Free To War Room Members ...

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    Fellow War Room Members, I've really gotten such immense value from joining the War Room that I wanted to give something back in return. I'm not sure if you realize ... [read more]

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    Effective Writing By Anwesh Rath

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    . This book will cover each and every aspect of copywriting and there is NO WAY you can't understand anything that is in the book as everything is crafted ... [read more]

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    [Reviewers wanted] Million Dollar Sales Letter Formula

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    Hi Fellow Warriors I'm about to launch my first WSO and I'd appreciate your opinion of it My WSO is a Sales Letter writing e-book. It's just over 100 pages ... [read more]

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    Killer Copy That Converts!!!

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    "Convert your customers into cash with sales copy that has proven itself time and time again" Dear warrior Don't make the mistake of putting in all that hard work into ... [read more]

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    Hire a $6000 copywriter on a layman's budget ONLY 8 OFFERS LEFT!! INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING COPYWRITING SENSATION TAKES ON 10 NEW YEAR'S CLIENTS! Trust a professional & your product will ... [read more]

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    *[Copywriter] Get a Professional, High-Converting Sales Letter For Just $197! LIMITED*

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    **2 SPOTS CURRENTLY OPEN** Hi Warriors, If you're reading this, then you probably have a great product and now all you need is a powerful sales letter to start ... [read more]

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    BRAND NEW!! Let CrackCopy.com Take Your Business To The Next Level! Sales Copy, Ebooks, Articles!

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    Cut The Prices In HALF For EVERYTHING We Offer At... >>>> www.crackcopy.com <<<< Look... Let's Not Beat Around The Bush: If you can't afford $5000 for a good copywriter, yet ... [read more]

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    Huge Product Launch Needs: Prelaunch Videos, Sales Videos, and Sales Copy. Need Prelaunch Experts

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    Hey guys hows it going. My partner and I have a product ready that was released 5 years ago in a specific niche, and this niche has been dieing over ... [read more]