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    Free software that sends Bulk Cold emails

    Hitcho in Email Marketing

    Hi there, I'm looking for a free software in order to send bulk cold emails (mainly meeting requests) without being blacklisted. Any suggestions? Regards Hitcho

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    Breaking up larger sends into smaller segments

    JoDesign in Email Marketing

    Hi Guys, Newbie here so if I am asking something that has been covered please point me in the right direction. I have only just taken over the coordination of ... [read more]

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    WARNING: Traffic Travis sends YOUR data to THEIR affiliate companies

    One of the moderators (KenStrong) suggested I re-post this in the main area because it might generate a long thread and may not belong in the product review section (where ... [read more]

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    Well known Imer sends me 3 emails a day 2 are solo swops whats his long term tactics??

    Hi guys, I`m on quite a well known marketers list i`m not talking well known as in Frank Kern or anything like that but he is well known Anyway i`m ... [read more]

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    Paid emails sends with horrible results

    sparkind in Email Marketing

    We have tried several different companies now, sending 50K+ email with a killer offer but the result is always the same... almost no sales. I realize we are in a ... [read more]

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    Google sends Manual Link penalty notification to BBC news

    challanger in SEO

    Just read about this and I Laughed,,, Now Google is going to target one of the major and might be biggest news channel of the world..... Google sends a notification ... [read more]

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    Blunt letter kid sends for wall street internship...

    DavidG in Copy Writing

    Sometimes telling the truth is the best story you have. Student Sends Great Cover Letter For Internship At Bank, And It's Now Going Viral On Wall Street - Business Insider ... [read more]

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    Paypal accidently sends millions of "Congratulations, You Won €500" emails

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    Phishing emails are nothing new. But this email is legit, it DID come from a legit paypal email address. It was sent to many, probably thousands of German paypal customers. ... [read more]

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    How to send a thank-you message after a customer sends PayPal payment?

    I'll be putting a product of mine on PayPal soon, and I'd like to send the buyer a follow-up message immediately after they pay, with instructions on retrieving their purchase. ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder that sends emails in russian?

    nu4a in Internet Marketing

    I need an autoresponder that's capable of sending emails with cyrillic letters (russian) in the body. Has anyone found such a service or software? Advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys. ... [read more]

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    See the Magic : My Gues Post Sends me 275 Vistiors in One Day!

    Hi All, I just want to share my exprience to you. I have written a guest post `I win the hope and disapointment game' and submitted to Maxblogpress.com. After few ... [read more]

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    I need a tool that sends 10 emails at a time--ideas?

    i would like to apply for jobs, but i want a tool which sends 10 different emails to 1 destination at a time. ex: craigslist job: I need a freelance ... [read more]

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    Any FREE software out there that sends the same e-mail to a whole list?

    Hey, please help me. I am looking for a free service or peice of software which would allow me write an e-mail and send it to a large list of ... [read more]

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    Looking for WP Plugin that sends any visitor to Sales Page

    illumina8 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, There was a plugin for Wordpress called core conversions.. it is no longer available.. is there anything similar that sends all visitors regardless of what page they land ... [read more]

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    Ebay Seller Sends Me Emails of 350 Clients

    samsmoot in Internet Marketing

    This has happened a couple of times, and was wondering what those on here would do with this info - if anything? Email addresses is what I mean - they ... [read more]

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    Emails twitter sends out

    For a week or so, I've been following/unfollowing people related to my niche. People come to my website (and follow me) when the see the "... is now following you" ... [read more]

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    Twitter sends some of the best traffic...

    In terms of pages/visit, time on site and bounce rate my best traffic comes from (Top 10 from best to worst): - Twitter - People who enter my blog domain ... [read more]

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    An email account that sends a duplicate email to another account

    livemusic in Internet Marketing

    Does Gmail or other service do this? I want an email account that sends a duplicate email to another email account each time the first one receives an email. How?

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    FREE Traffic Easy To Apply Tip Sent My Traffic Mental

    Mangozoom in Internet Marketing

    A simple traffic strategy that works in a similar way to a viral friend getter but is totally legitimate and not black hat. I have a Facebook Group with over ... [read more]

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    What is the best affiliate program that sends commissions instantly?

    hamed in Internet Marketing

    I hate being paid affiliate commissions every few weeks from clickbank due to it taking too long too come. I'm trying to look for an affiliate program that sends you ... [read more]

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    Why this buyer sends me an echeck payment 2 times for the same product?

    Why this buyer sends me 2echeck payments for the same product?

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    Autoresponder Company that Sends out SMS?

    The Oilman in Product Reviews

    I'd love to send out my customers an SMS message after they buy my product. Is there a way to do this?

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    WP Order form plugin with multiple variants BUT just sends an email

    Hi there, I have been searching for a while and I am battling. I am looking for a Wordpress order /shopping cart plugin that allows me create a range of ... [read more]

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    Google sends us Engage Coupons; we can't use

    asiriusthoth in SEO

    Does anyone else get these Google Adwords Engage Coupons? We get them all the time, and we can't use them! We called up several times to secure an Engage Account ... [read more]

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    aWeber sends a broadcast from last year on me. Nice...

    So nobody at aWeber can explain what happened. But, today I was checking my email and noticed an email from myself. How odd I thought, so I looked and the ... [read more]