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    How to create sitemap on blogger (free)

    Wayan S in Beginners Area

    Hi Guys, I would like to add site map to blogger(free) but I don't know how to create it. the site map will input to google search console, I have ... [read more]

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    Should I submit my Sitemap to Yandex?

    kurosaki4d in SEO

    Hello, I have a website in English that i submitted on Google Search Console and Bing, but I'm hesitant when it comes to Yandex. A lot of spam and hacking ... [read more]

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    #1 Google Video Sitemap 50% Off - Limited Time - Act Now!

    Mark Dulisse in

    Thousands Sold! #1 Rated Wordpress Plugin + Google Video Sitemap Testimony - YouTube I Reserve The Right To Change The Price and/Or Close This WSO At Any Time Refund Policy ... [read more]

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    How can I remove unnecessary link from sitemap?

    How can I remove unnecessary links from sitemap? I want to remove unnecessary some url in site map such as employee, portfolio, testimonial, etc please give me a solution

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    Problem in Sitemap Generation?

    Rakhi Kaur in SEO

    I have a listing website more than 35000 pages on it but my URLs are not being crawled or indexed by Google. Because my sitemap is not correct and when ... [read more]

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    Can anyone knows how often we should submit sitemap on google webmaster ?

    Shami qah in Beginners Area

    I have a wordpress site in which Yoast premium plugin is installed ... It have sitemap generated as you all know... I also have a google webmaster account to track ... [read more]

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    finally put a sitemap on my website?

    birdy1979 in

    hi all finally put a sitemap on my website please take a look let me know if its ok and wow new forum looks great.

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    Sitemap problem !! please help !

    Tuan3112 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, my website is blogvanhoc.net. At the beginning I already submit all catalogue, but few day ago, when I recheck, they haven't indexed yet. Anyone who in this circumstance ... [read more]

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    Sitemap is HTML

    Khwaab Kumar in SEO

    When i use to submit the sitemap in the Google I am getting this type of error help me to figure it out. "Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML ... [read more]

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    Should include Tags, Categories and Image in XML Sitemap?

    krithick in SEO

    Here are the example XML sitemap for category, post tag and attachment(image) below.https://example.com/category-sitemap.xml https://example.com/post_tag-sitemap.xml https://example.com/attachment-sitemap.xml Would it be any crawl issues or duplicate content in SEO point of view?

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    Manually editing the lastmod date in XML sitemap?

    Jenny McCullough in Web Design

    I have a question about the lastmod tag in the XML sitemap of a Wordpress page. Wordpress allows you to backdate your posts. So, if I published a post in ... [read more]

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    Sitemap error: 403 forbidden

    stellukomi in SEO

    i am getting this message from google: Sitemap error: 403 forbidden my pages cannot be indexed. any help? Check the site out

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    Sitemap Error

    Steven Henry01 in Web Design

    Hello All, Actually, I am not able to create the sitemap with all webpages of the website. If I add the website URL then it only shows one url in ... [read more]

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    Am I need to remove URLS from Sitemap which has No-Index Tag?

    Hi All, When I crawled my site on Ahrefs, it is showing some errors. In that majority of the links which has No-index tag. It is showing we require to ... [read more]

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    XML Google Sitemap plugin not working on SSL sites

    larryboy03 in SEO

    I'm having an issue as I've juat built a site which has an SSL cert but when attempting to use sitemap plugins, non of them work and it seems to ... [read more]

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    (new) Video Sitemap Page Generator WP Plugin

    Mark Dulisse in

    "Dominate Google Plugin" - Never Released Before... Now Supports "Easy Video Player" videos on your blogs. Put your EVP videos in the SERPS... Newly Developed WP Plugin Puts Your Videos ... [read more]

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    Sitemap error: 403 forbidden

    stellukomi in SEO

    Hi warriors, i was trying to submit my sitemap to google: sitemap.xml and i am getting this error message from google: Sitemap error: 403 forbidden my pages cannot be indexed. ... [read more]

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    Do I need to install and get my XML sitemap by using the Google site map/Yoast SEO plugin

    Jackson Bird in Beginners Area

    Do I need to install and get my XML sitemap by using the Google site map/Yoast SEO plugin even if I already checked (on) the XML sitemap plug in?

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    What are The Benefits of Submitting a Sitemap on the Google Webmaster?

    Harvilasmeena in SEO

    What are The Benefits of Submitting a Sitemap on the Google Webmaster? Why Do You Need to Submit a Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster? What are the benefits of submitting ... [read more]

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    Resubmit sitemap but google did not index my website

    Voora in SEO

    I resubmit my sitemap. But google does not index my website. Tell me the easiest way to index sitemap very quickly.

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    XML Sitemap Needs Added to My Sites

    redstanford in

    I am having trouble creating and adding a sitemap for my two new sites. I will pay you $20 to successfully add an XML sitemap to my two sites as ... [read more]

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    Is it bad to link partner sites from website sitemap?

    sriramon in SEO

    Hi, My business website has some partner sides - very similar and related business websites - I link some of the pages of partner sites from my sitemap. I dont ... [read more]

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    Can outdated sitemap hurt SEO?

    Dreamz Group in Beginners Area

    Can outdated sitemap hurt SEO?

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    Sitemap Problems

    kevan63 in

    When i changed my hosting, the first time google crawled my site i got HTTP error:301... I was advised to delete sitemap and republish to google i've since done this ... [read more]