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    Do you have content on Google's featured snippets?

    Fernanda Yulianto in SEO

    Hello friends, quick question. Do you have content or post on Google's featured snippet? How many keywords did you rank in the featured snippet? Does this increase your website traffic?

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    Rich Snippets

    Hello ! I am trying to understand more about rich snippets. I use different title tags and H1 and I would like to know where it is best to target ... [read more]

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    Any way to add "Free Shipping" to Schema Markup / Rich Snippets

    David C. in SEO

    Hello WF, I want to add "Free Shipping" or "Free US Shipping" to my schema markup that shows up in the Google SERPS. Is there any way? Right now I ... [read more]

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    How to Get Featured Snippets (& Rank in Position #0)

    ezrankings in SEO

    Hi All, I am not new in SEO but want your feedback on how get our website listed on ZERO rankings? Looking forward for your reply..

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    Need help to understand Google Featured Snippets

    Anand Chandak in Beginners Area

    Hi, I have a page which ranks for featured snippets on google. From last few weeks the content of snippets is blank. I tried changing content but still it displays ... [read more]

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    Need help with Rich Snippets ?

    rnaura in SEO

    Is anyone who can help me out with Rich Snippets Google webmaster element ? Actually i tried the plugin but i dont get any result in the SERP. Why and ... [read more]

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    Easy $25 Contest. Need quotes or video snippets about...

    Jason Moffatt in

    Hey Warriors, I'm trying to find a few quotes from famous marketers about the importance of building lists, leads, or prospects. They can be in a video, or simply on ... [read more]

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    query regarding google featured snippets

    Ankur Gupta in SEO

    Hi friends Need your help. regarding my blog I noticed my articles are not getting featured snippet in google even if they are the first result of google search for ... [read more]

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    Obfuscate webpage which is composed of HTML with PHP snippets

    sinpeople in Programming

    Hi folks, Previously my website is composed of pure HTML. I use an online obfuscater at http://snapbuilder.com/code_snippet_...l_source_code/ This obfuscator worked fine until I added a simple PHP snippet to dynamically ... [read more]

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    Does voice search pick the featured snippets or the first ranking result?

    Verkii in SEO

    Does voice search pick the featured snippets or the first ranking result?

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    Review snippets 4/5 stars etc.

    KulaShaker1 in SEO

    I think review snippets are becoming more important from an SEO standpoint as they probably make a big impact on CTR. Can anyone give some best practices and experience for ... [read more]