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    Which is the best Website structure for seo ??

    Hello warrior, I m designing a website for yoga school can anybody please tell me any website structure suggestion ??

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    New Landingspage: Problems with URL structure and Measuring Results

    Marleen Vonk in Beginners Area

    The cms of the my website *is created by an agency (no WP). I asked them to create a landingspage. This caused a change in the URL structure. All the ... [read more]

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    Looking for some help with business site and affiliate site structure.

    messiah in Beginners Area

    Hey folks, Should I keep my business site separate from any bridge pages that I create or just run them from my business site? I was thinking of keeping my ... [read more]

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    Opinions needed - Consulting Pricing & Structure

    Hello again, WF! So, if you've been following the 2 threads I posted before, one was first page featured! Pretty exciting for me! Alright, so I'm a little stuck on ... [read more]

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    URL Structure of website is messed from SEO results. Please Help.

    nashamarsh in SEO

    Hi, My website is getting cached by google but when someone clicking on the pages that are coming in google search results it is showing a big url. and when ... [read more]

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    Best URL structure for multilingual sites

    Trix8 in SEO

    Hi There, The URL structure we are recommending our clients is by subfolders. So it should be: www.example.com/fr. But my question is for multilingual sites whats the best option? www.example.com/ch/de-ch? ... [read more]

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    Should I change my domain name, permalink structure, or neither?

    Loco Low in Internet Marketing

    I am working on a deals website built on woocommerce and I have an SEO question. 1. We own locolow.com and locolowdeals.com. Is there a significant benefit to use the ... [read more]

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    Question about wordpress site structure

    easy does it in SEO

    Hi all, I run a little site, for a group of professional colleagues. The site has a dedicated page for each person, say a page entitled "Joe Smith" where you ... [read more]

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    URL structure issue

    rajnandhans in SEO

    Hi all, One of my friends site is a Job Portal operating in two countries (India and USA) with same primary domain name. For Example www.xyx.com/us www.xyz.com/in now my doubt ... [read more]

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    What's your favorite payment structure?

    Hey Yall, I'm very new to this and Forums in General. I look forward to having great conversations with everyone here. What is your favorite payment structure and why? CPC, ... [read more]

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    Retainer structure input please

    j77 in Copy Writing

    I'm a native US-born English copywriter -- 18 years of professional experience with global brands. I'm currently residing in the Nordics (Northern Europe). I was recently approached by a top ... [read more]

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    Site structure and headings

    mikeandtomphoto in SEO

    Looking to restructure my site as its a little messy and all over the place. I am looking at two options but unsure what would be the best approach. My ... [read more]

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    Shopify: How should I structure my campaigns & adsets with $1,000 budget?

    ⚠️ Can someone please give me some advice!? ⚠️ I just finished building out a new store, I have a $1,000 budget for ad spend. How many products should I ... [read more]

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    How Should I Structure My Websites & Social Media?

    I own an offline business doing local festivals and events. I run 9 different events. Here is my question. Should I have just one website such as myeventcompany.com and then ... [read more]

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    Implementing Structured Data for Smartphones/Mobiles

    Doshic in SEO

    Hi I have already implemented structured data for a client on their www site, however I would like to know whether there is any requirement to have new structured data ... [read more]

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    Wordpress blogpost title structure?

    jay168888 in SEO

    Hi everyone, Currently, all blog post title from our site, automatically shows up in search engine along with our website name, and that makes the title too long in the ... [read more]

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    Local Lead Gen Question - url/site structure.

    traderjuk in SEO

    HI, I have a question about how someone would build a number of sites for various towns across the whole of the UK. I have a few examples shown below, ... [read more]

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    Need help - Silo Structure and Link Rules

    Toby A in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I have some questions about silo sites that I was hoping someone might be able to help with with. I am looking to build a Silo structured site ... [read more]

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    Ultra Powerful, SERP Smashing, Link Network!! Upto 570 Web 2.0 Properties. Over Delivery Every Time!

    Dylan K in

    Hey Everyone! Today I'm offering my link building services. I'm offering the creation of a 4 Tier Open Linking Structure (Not a Wheel). I won't guarantee any outlandish results like ... [read more]

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    Forget LinkWheels! Build an Effective Long Term Permanent Back Link Structure That is Random Chaos!

    jaxrefinance in

    For my 100th post I am offering a unique and special ebook for WF members! At one time, Link Wheels were HOT! Unfortunately for so many of us that built ... [read more]

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    I have a forum, is the SEO structure ranking different to say that of a normal website?

    Michael3353 in SEO

    For example, A normal say... logistics website.. Keyword target is haulage. It writes a page targeting that keyword. It ranks page 1 on google. well done. Now a forum. keyword ... [read more]

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    [pdf] How To Write Emails That Sell Even If You're Birdbrained! No Optin. Free for the Warroom!

    Igor Kheifets in

    "Here's a Shortcut To Make Writing Emails Quick, Easy And Painless, Even If You're At The Writing Level Of A Retarded Kindergartener!" It's a short 10 page PDF that will ... [read more]

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    Commission structure.

    DDavis in

    I have a question pat. If a person joins lets say MWP and its from my recommendation, my sales page but i have not paid for MWP membership yet. My ... [read more]