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    UTM Parameters or Other Tracking Software?

    Hi All! I'm learning about different ways to monitor traffic and analytics for ad campaigns. Do you guys use UTM parameters? Buy new domains (costly in the long run) and ... [read more]

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    Issue with UTM parameters showing in GA

    Tom Arne Danielsen in PPC/SEM

    Hi. I have an issue in GA reporting, where the UTM parameters from Google Ads are showing in the Site Content report for certain campaigns. One specific example is /add_data_analytics_to_TestStand?device=c&keyword=t ... [read more]

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    utm tracking issue

    jayeshvseo in SEO

    I am creating 1 offer page just for temporary basic(just for 2 days) and i was made it noindex so that google cant index that page,but problem is i am ... [read more]

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    using UTM parameters with the original website link

    McCloud94 in Internet Marketing

    I started tagging all links to my website with the UTM parameters, so I can see exactly where people are coming from. First of all, what is the difference between ... [read more]

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    UTM Parameter Script For Optimize Press 3.0

    andyjbenson in Programming

    Hi fellow Warriors! I am in need of a working script that will take a tracking URL parameter from a facebook ad, and pass it through all pages right through ... [read more]

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    Google UTM Integration To Facebook Audience Creation

    Jason Yang in Ad Networks

    Hi guys, I am new to digital marketing. I have been struggling with UTM tags for quite some time. Can anyone here help me with this? The situation background: I ... [read more]