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    Am I Asking Too Much, At $2/500 Words Article?

    zoldusta in Internet Marketing

    I have around 120 articles on internet marketing and Weight Loss that I wanted to sell and I only ask $2 per article (Articles are between 500-600 words). I contacted ... [read more]

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    Can a well written article of 1000 words outrank a blank page of 2000 words? On-page question only

    Hafu in SEO

    Hello, I have a question ON-Page seo oriented only. Please do not take in consideration external/internal links and all the rest. My question is only ON-page related. Let's say I ... [read more]

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    Help Needed: Words of Influence

    Gabriel in Copy Writing

    Hey Copywriters of Warrior! I'm currently building a neat infographic on effective words used in copy and content. Wanted to get your thoughts and I'm happy to take onboard some ... [read more]

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    Domain Name With Dash (-) In Between Words

    GomerMagtibay in

    Hello friends, I am about to register a new domain name, and I need your advice. Which is better to have, a domain name containing (dash) in between words, like ... [read more]

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    What's the deal with stop words?

    mikehende in SEO

    Hey guys, I setup Yoast SEO plugin on a site and filling in the page title and focus keyword fields I am seeing this: Stop words (a, the, of, for) ... [read more]

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    Is there a "how to" for google ad words

    Vendzilla in PPC/SEM

    I went out and got an Insurance license and talking with the owner of the company, I built a website and will be generating leads for the rest of the ... [read more]

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    HELP!What key words should I use to select a customized audience by Car accessories?

    What key words should I use to select a customized audience by Car accessories?

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    What are some good key words to use when researching cloud migration options?

    chrismar in SEO

    I am researching on CLOUD MIGRATION OPTIONS, it would be great if you guyz share good keywords for this! You help will be appreciated. Thanks Chris

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    What is a good price for 300 word articles?

    Alan Mater in

    Hey everyone, I'm curious to know what a good price would be for someone to pay to have 300 word articles written. Right now a price is $5. Is that ... [read more]

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    Any Words of Wisdom

    RJAMM in

    We continue to push forward with our business and try to take everything in stride. We have studied and continue to review the 30 days info, we are writing articles ... [read more]

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    20 Hypnotic Money Words That Sells Like Crazy!

    lianwei in

    Hey guys, You may or may not realize that people are actually more attracted towards certain words when making decisions. Through some testings and research, I have found some money ... [read more]

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    Stop Words

    Austincruse in

    Hello, Search engines do not index some common words (such as "or", "and", "when", and "in") within the webpage. What are these common words called? best engineering colleges | top ... [read more]