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    Yeah so I wrote AI sum fan mail an' stuff, an' here's what she wrote back.

    Princess Balestra in AI

    Thank you for your enthusiastic response! Very pleased to meet you -- and also extremely grateful your passion for everything I contribute to your life has inspired you to reach ... [read more]

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    I wrote 2 eBooks--1 on Content Marketing and another on Local Marketing. What should I do with them?

    All thoughts, violent reactions, snarky responses, and insulting comments will be deeply and unabashedly (yes I used a thesaurus) accepted and appreciated. But really. What can I do with them ... [read more]

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    Wrote an ebook for new dads... now what?

    Hey all, I'm just looking for some advice to point me in the right direction, but I feel I should give you an abridged version of my situation that lead ... [read more]

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    Could you please give me feedback the first sales letter I wrote for my copywriting services?

    Nicholas Vetri in Copy Writing

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate any feedback you could give me on this letter. It's the first one I have done and I have rewritten it a few times already. ... [read more]

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    wrote a blog that not many people are about!

    Jenna Beas in SEO

    hello there. wrote a blog about a window factory company. now, for seo, what do i do with it! who will read such a thing?! It's a "top ten ways ... [read more]

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    $750 Bucks In 30 Minutes? And I Only Wrote 8 Words..... NO WAY!

    internetmarketer1 in

    If You Could Write 8 Word Phrases, You Can Earn $100-$1,000 For Every Phrase You Write And you don't even need to speak English or be a Writer to do ... [read more]

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    Top Copywriter Offering 4 Done-for-You Sales Funnels (Ebook, Sales Copy, Emails) Get Online Faster!

    shawnlebrun in

    "Get 4 Sales Funnels for the Price of 1" "Get 4 Brand New eBooks, 4 Sales Letters, 4 Video Scripts, and 4 Email Series You Can Use as Your Own ... [read more]

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    [OFFLINE] How I make $720+ daily. Generate a lead for $10, sell for $65+. PROOF INSIDE ->

    marc.v in

    STARTING WITH NOTHING, FIND OUT HOW I NOW MAKE MORE THAN $715 PER DAY SELLING OFFLINE LEADS. ...generate a lead for $10, sell it for $65, repeat 10+ times per ... [read more]

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    Finally wrote an article

    Robbi Rice in

    Well I finally wrote an article I put it in my blog. Any help would be helpful.

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    VyctorB_10 in

    "HEAD-For-HEAD! KING'S Penmen 10, To Bet On My WRITE-Of -DEATH! & LO, AS I WROTE UPON WATER....." - *SAMURAI S.E.M.* You can almost hear and feel the very nearing of ... [read more]

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    PIPS Members Only - Backlink to Article Directories Here

    ejullya in

    Hi everyone, I wrote my 2nd article (1st was only a warm up). The reason I bring it here is because it touches us all as we are pipsters and ... [read more]