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    Manually editing the lastmod date in XML sitemap?

    Jenny McCullough in Web Design

    I have a question about the lastmod tag in the XML sitemap of a Wordpress page. Wordpress allows you to backdate your posts. So, if I published a post in ... [read more]

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    Should include Tags, Categories and Image in XML Sitemap?

    krithick in SEO

    Here are the example XML sitemap for category, post tag and attachment(image) below.https://example.com/category-sitemap.xml https://example.com/post_tag-sitemap.xml https://example.com/attachment-sitemap.xml Would it be any crawl issues or duplicate content in SEO point of view?

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    XML Google Sitemap plugin not working on SSL sites

    larryboy03 in SEO

    I'm having an issue as I've juat built a site which has an SSL cert but when attempting to use sitemap plugins, non of them work and it seems to ... [read more]

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    Do I need to install and get my XML sitemap by using the Google site map/Yoast SEO plugin

    Jackson Bird in Beginners Area

    Do I need to install and get my XML sitemap by using the Google site map/Yoast SEO plugin even if I already checked (on) the XML sitemap plug in?

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    Looking for an ad network script with XML functionality

    maidenphoenix in Ad Networks

    Hi guys, Do you know of any ad network script which supports XML? Please recommend me one. Have a nice day, Maiden

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    submitting the xml file to google

    hello everyone, I am a beginner and I have started a website , while i am submitting the xml file to google i have encountered a error saying No: 'noindex' ... [read more]

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    XML Sitemap Needs Added to My Sites

    redstanford in

    I am having trouble creating and adding a sitemap for my two new sites. I will pay you $20 to successfully add an XML sitemap to my two sites as ... [read more]

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    xml priority & frequency

    chathuub in SEO

    What is the meaning of xml priority & frequency??

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    Sitemap Generator and Link Checker

    Microsys in

    Have you ever wanted to do any of the following:Create XML sitemaps, image sitemaps, video sitemaps or similar to help search engines find your content faster? Pass link juice to ... [read more]