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    What to choose: Xsitepro or Rapid Niche Sites?

    If you were starting from scratch and you wanted the most useful site building software. Would you buy Xsitepro or Rapid Niche websites software? What I see as an advantage ... [read more]

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    Any disadvantage in building a website with XSitePro today?

    opiel in Web Design

    Guys, I have a quick question. I need to build a simple website and in the past I have used XSitePro software for this propose. It has been great for ... [read more]

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    Anybody still using xSitePro?

    minisite911 in Web Design

    I was just wondering if people are using xSitePro these days. I design the 50 bonus templates about 3-4 years ago, and was wondering if people are still using it. ... [read more]

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    Who owns Xsitepro now?

    gareth in Internet Marketing

    I understood Paul Smithson was selling or shutting it down but it still appears to be in business two years later. Can anybody fill me in?

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    Cant get into XSitePro... Registration problem

    I know the horse has long bolted on this one but thought I would try my luck. I'm looking for any help in relation to trying to open up XSP2. ... [read more]

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    What do you use to build your site? Wordpress, Joomla, XsitePro?

    Benjamin Eddy in Web Design

    Hey guys, I am wondering what everyone uses to make their sites. What type of cms do you guys find the most helpful. I have been looking at Xsitepro and ... [read more]

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    Why You NEED a Sense of Urgency If You Want To Be a Successful Full Time Internet Marketer

    I recently sat down with one of My IM Team Members and listened glibly as he advised me that he received a lay off notice, effective as soon as the ... [read more]

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    xsitepro or wordpress for micro niche sites?

    Hydroxide in Internet Marketing

    Hello there warriors. I'm creating a website, a micro niche site. I'm just wondering, which would be better, xsitepro or wordpress? It would be good to share on the seo ... [read more]

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    Which website design software to use?

    ellen1978 in Web Design

    Hey everyone! Although I've been creeping around the forum for a while, this is my first post I finally feel ready to build a website and wondered what everyone recommends? ... [read more]

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    Do you think is still good to use xsitepro?

    azulita in Web Design

    I would like to do a new website and I already have xsitepro but, I can´t decide if I should use xsitepro or wordpress. Now everybody is into wordpress. Do ... [read more]

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    Paul Smithson, Intellimon, XSitePro Closing Down Sale

    I have been a user of XSP from back in the early days and have always found Paul Smithson to be a stand up guy. I just received an email ... [read more]

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    Wordpress, Xsitepro or Serif Webplus x4?

    bobcath in Internet Marketing

    Hi all This is the first question I've asked in WF, always tried to help others but now need some advice.... I own 3 web building tools (as in the ... [read more]

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    XSitePro Users Please Reply :) This is a POLL!

    Chris Endres in Product Reviews

    Hi Warriors, I noticed a lot of people use XSitePro and I was wondering if you just wouldnt mind posting a response saying that you use XSitePro and maybe what ... [read more]

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    does xsitepro live up to all the hype?

    hello, I have read a ton of reviews regarding xsitepro. Unfortunately, most of those positive reviews come from affiliates who are trying to earn a commission by talking me into ... [read more]

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    XSitePro queries

    FredJones in Product Reviews

    XSitePro seems to be a great website builder, going by reputation. I am seriously pondering whether to go for one. I would be happy to go for it, if it ... [read more]

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    WordPress -or- XSitePro ?

    SoundsGood in Product Reviews

    WordPress or XSitePro When it comes to making small/simple affiliate-type sites, which is the better choice, and why?: Looking for opinions... Thanks!

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    xsitepro 2.5 problem, plz help?

    ok last night a created my first web page which im going to try and sell a click bank product (first time using xsitepro) i made the page , but ... [read more]

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    Xsitepro2 ROCKS for ___________

    TonyG2160 in Internet Marketing

    Thinking about purchasing Xsitepro. Xsitepro users....for what kind of pages and IM techniques would you say that Xsitepro is best for, and what are the limitations? Would I be better ... [read more]

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    I Lost ALL My Xsitepro Files - HELP!

    magentawave in Web Design

    My computer died last week and STUPID ME didn't have everything backed up on my external hard drive. I have two sites I built using Xsitepro2 that are live but ... [read more]

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    XsitePro, Dreamweaver, Frontpage... what to use?

    keithd in Product Reviews

    Hi, and thanks for reading this- I am looking at getting a web builder wysiwyg software program- the free ones have exceeded their lifespan for me... which of these have ... [read more]

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    How long does a xsitepro to wordpress transfer take

    yves in Web Design

    Hi, Apologies for the strange title but I'm just trying to work out how much to charge for an xsitepro website to wordpress themed website transfer. I originally built the ... [read more]

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    SiteBuildIt OR XSitePro?

    Jimbee in Web Design

    Hi everyone. I have been debating on which of these two web design programs I should use. Both of them seem really good but since I have not used them ... [read more]

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    XSitePro 2 vs. WebPlus X2

    kowulz in Web Design

    Has anyone out here tried both XSitePro 2 and WebPlus X2? I have designed websites since 1984. I primarily use FrontPage with several other softwares and both of these seem ... [read more]

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    Urget - Need help from xsitepro 2 users

    pj413 in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I have website that is complete and ready to go. My problem is when I try to publish the website through xsitepro2, I get an error saying "Can't change ... [read more]

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    Anyone here using XSitepro 2?

    I downloaded the free trial of version 2, but I cant stand the templates. They all have stupid looking and detracting graphics at the top of the page. I just ... [read more]