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    How can I find good youtuber to do the product review video

    What kind of email will the youtuber reply you? I have tried to contact some bloggers, but I seldom get a reply. Anyone could help, thank you very much!!!

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    Off camera youtuber

    Showe in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I want to promote my sales funnel on youtube. What is an easy method to make a simple video without being on camera yourself?..........and before anyone says it, no ... [read more]

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    What I am gonna do with this Youtuber?

    LEE BYRON in Internet Marketing

    We paid her 200$ to review our products.However,she did not reply and block our message after received our products and our money.Her phone number is fake as I tried to ... [read more]

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    Is there a good way to get a YouTuber to review my app, or game?

    timpr in Internet Marketing

    I am in the process of making a smartphone/tablet game. I was wondering if there are any decent ways to get a top YouTuber to review my game? I don't ... [read more]