Anyone used ?

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Has anyone used ?

Interested in hearing from warriors who have tried both the free version and the pro version ?

I signed up for the free version and created a website, on dieting, which is the only option they give u on the free version.

It is hosted on their servers i think, and sells the dieting product at the price they said to sell it at $49.99

Its been active for 14 days and has got over 400 visitors, according to the stats on their site.

However, no sales, by checking on my paypal account.

The pro vesion give you 10 sites and access to more stats and costs $47.95 to upgade. I think some of the website templates on there look good and am going to sign up if and when i make some money from the free site version.

I'd like to know other peoples experiences of this ?

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    An update on this.

    I've not made any sales on it so far.

    The traffic has gone up from maybe 20 a day to 200 a day. This is traffic generated from the homewebsitecenter. The traffic just doesnt seem to be buying the product though.

    Ive lowered the price on it by $10 following some advice to see how that goes.

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    Hi Warrenski,

    I bought the trial version and then the pro version, had it for a month and a half

    and still no sales. I got out with a refund just before the guarantee ran out.

    I sent a support ticket in and they said that it takes approx 60 days to start

    getting results, (around the time it takes for your guarantee to run out!) sounded

    sus to me.

    All my 10 websites were price set down to $9.95 and were submitted to the 3

    major search engines as well as backlinks I created from 3 other places.

    The traffic results were shown as being in the 500 - 600 range per day but I was

    not convinced. Hope this helps

    Cheers, Mike
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    Thanks for that insight Mike, with your experience of the pro version you should have made some sales if it worked i think.

    Seems like even if i reduced the price to $10 it won't make any difference.

    If the product was converting then the amount of traffic it receives should have produced some sales, in both our cases...

    Guess it looks like its not going to work
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