How to make an english version of my site, efficiently

by Leonie van der Sommen 10 replies

I have an informative blog with 200 articles in the Dutch language.
It has many readers.

I feel that I can utilize the opportunity to make an english version of my site as well (new domain and new word press installation)

I already figured I am going to first copy my Dutch site to a Local Host site, and turn it in English from there, and then publish the new English site at once.

1. Is there a way to translate my complete site (with Google Translate, which works superbly nowadays) without losing all the internal linking and pictures? Or should I manually translate each page one by one (using Google Translate of course)?
2. Is it SEO-wise better to drip the articles gradually, like 1 a day, instead of all 200 all at once?

Thanky you very much!
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