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Warrior Forum etiquette for posting

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You are a moderator

If a spammer comes on board it only takes few of you to make his posts vanish into thin air. Just use that Report Post button. Their posts will go into "Moderated" status and no one will see them. It gives admins and super mods time enough to come along and delete them for good.

Working together and taking the time out to use that button makes it very easy for members to keep this forum clean.

Help us out when you can...

A couple explanations about the two reporting option:

The Report Post Button:

The report post button is for serious issues like a spammer invading us. When you see a spam post use the report post button on those.

The Add An Infraction Button:

The add an infraction to a member button is for warning another member that they are making some mistake. Like crazy sig files or insulting other members. This helps us out a lot because it allows you to warn a member without a report post also appearing in the Mod forum.

If members use the report post button to report a sig file it causes us a lot of unnecessary hassle when the member could have just used the infraction button and warned them directly.

All infractions expire in one hour so if you happen to get one don't freak out and don't start a post about it. :-) Just heed what the member is trying to warn you about.

Very Important: It's important to understand the differences of the buttons above. The report post button is the button that helps us all make spammers vanish. The infraction button only sends a warning to a member. If you run across an obvious spammer then always use the report post button.
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  • Very good. Thanks for sharing the important information.
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  • This is awesome thanks for all the improvements made to this forum.

    At first I was skeptical about the new look, but my eyes have adjusted to the new look. I am glad the rules and regulations for posting on the warrior forum are as stringent as it has always been.

    If only WF members would first read the rules before trying to blatantly market their online products and services in threads.
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    thank's for your important article sharing it's very helpful to all.
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    This is very good. Spammer will not dare to post, if all Warriors are alert!
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      Originally Posted by chanks2015 View Post

      This is very good. Spammer will not dare to post, if all Warriors are alert!
      You just did.
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    this was necessary in order to keep the spammers away
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    Is it just me or are the spammers spamming in the very thread set-up to instruct Warrior's how to easily get rid of spammers/scammers?

    IMHO WF Staff just so you are aware: some of the posts in a thread seem to disappear when switching from Modern to Classic view on the forum and vice versa.

    Ghost Shinobi
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      Yes. I'm seeing advertisement posts from users too :*(
      Zer0: Creative Geniu$.
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    I like the idea to win the war against the spammers. Well, it is not a easy work. Today I saw few posts with their website links and asking people to review. I definitely hate such type of post. Those seems very annoying. May be you should consider not allowing such type of posts as well.
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    I love to help others and share my knowledge and experience, yet I can be fairly direct at times. My intention is to remain an asset. Thanks for the clarification. I am happy to be here and to be part of this community. I just joined today (it's about time!).

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      Originally Posted by Camila123 View Post

      Thank you for your great information..
      Originally Posted by aidpcards View Post

      Hello..! Thanks for the information.
      It wouldn't hurt to utilize the thank you button instead of posting a Thank you post that doesn't contribute much to the discussion. It's present regardless of the number of posts you already have.
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    nice forum. thanks for posting all required information here.
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    thanks for allowing to join
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    Good ....... nice guide lines.
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    Very helpful share buddy, Will follow.
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    just would like to take thise opertunity and thanks for thise nice forum and hopping that you have facebook group
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    Great forum, really love to be a part of this forum. Hope I will contribute to the forum positively.
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    Great info, thank you!
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    Thank you very much.
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    I'm proud of your forum. I think this forum is a Digital Marketing Forum ...
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    Awesome! Thank you for upgrading the forum
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    Hate spammers, keep up the good work Warriors!

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    I'm new here! Keep updating me with this beneficial information. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Nice guide lines, will follow. (y)
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