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Hi Warriors,

I am about to put on a virtual assistant and am after a cloud based system that I can enter my logins for various sites the VA will be using and they just click on the particular site and it logs them in without them knowing my actual logins.

Is there such a site/system?

Thanks in advance
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    If there's isn't, there's a good opportunity for a developer...

    With that said, and my worthless contribution aside, hopefully someone will chime in with a solution to your needs.
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    Are the websites WordPress? The "Google Cloud" is a solution. Kinsta.com and WPEngine.com offers fully-managed WordPress solutions on the Google Cloud. Pricey though compared to self-hosted WordPress solutions.

    Both, Google Cloud and self-hosted WordPress solutions will allow you to assign a "role" to your VA and that is a WordPress standard you can assign what the VA can and cannot do, email the VA the password, etc.

    Are the websites "not" WordPress? Contact your web application developer for specifics.

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    LastPass has a Team variant that allows you to share logins for whatever sites you want them to have access to. They will be able to have access to the usernames/passwords though. You'd just need to develop a system where when you fire/let go any of your VAs you go through and reset everything they had access to, which should be a process anyway.

    I'd be more concerned with bringing on someone into my team/organization who I didn't trust enough to handle logins/passwords. This is how we share logins with merchant accounts and other site logins in our organization.
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    You could use an access management tool like https://www.onelogin.com/

    There are plenty of them around. Just do some googling
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    Not sure why you need that sort of solution?

    Use wordpress and limit their access? You can make that more granular using the role manage plugin.
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    We use Roboform but there are many others. I used Lastpass in the past as well.
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    I doubt there is or ever will be such a solution. Sites are not going to leave their security to a third party that someone else is using


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    i think compared to self-hosted WordPress solutions.
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