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I have a question related to product and category schema if anyone can help. We have marked up individual products on a site on their individual product pages, and we know that Google's Guidelines state this: A category page listing several different products (or recipes, videos, or any other type). Each entity should be marked up using the relevant type, such as for product category pages. However, if one item is marked, all items should be marked. Also, unless this is a carousel page, the marked items should not link out to separate details pages..

So essentially, it's understood to me that having products properly marked up should equal category schema appearing?

However, we are not seeing any schema markup pull-in for the category pages. This was also just done this week so I'm not sure if there is more time needed to crawl and index and recognize the new product schema on the individual product URLs. There are no errors in our schema either, only a few warning on a couple of pages due to aggregateReviews. Does anyone know the potential answer for why no category page schema is appearing?
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