What is the best source for someone on a tight budget to building Landing Pages?

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I am new to this online marketing gig. I have some amazing tools that have been provided to me but I am looking for something that will help me build a good landing page and not cost an arm and a leg. Is there anything that anyone knows about that would help me achieve this so i can start marketing my business more.
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    most autoresponders provide you with landing page builders. If you are using wordpress there are several plugins. just use google and search for them.

    I personally use one called paper template. just do a search for it. When I got it it cost around $7.00


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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      most autoresponders provide you with landing page builders. If you are using wordpress there are several plugins. just use google and search for them.

      I personally use one called paper template. just do a search for it. When I got it it cost around $7.00

      I don't think these autoresponder landing pages will convert well.
      Personally I am using OptimizePress, it's not only for landing pages, but for building the sales funnel too.
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    Not exactly a solution for a 'tight budget' though.

    If you google how to build cheap landing pages

    you will find list of options. True, some will convert better than others - but few marketers hit a home run on the first try. No page converts unless the offer is interesting to visitors.... Some hosting accts include tutorials on building a landing page - as do many 'how to use wordpress' sites.

    Basics of internet marketing - time and money. If you need to spend less money you need to spend more time learning to do 'things' yourself rather than buying tools that will do those same things for you. That knowledge will pay off long term.

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    What's your budget? Do you have any HTML skills? Optimize Press has good landing pages you should check it out. It's best if you knew how to design your own landing page though. You could add as much text as you like, design it the way that you want and etc. This would be the cheapest way to do it. Make sure your landing page is mobile responsive also.
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    Im with the two guys who have said about OptimizePress. They have just ( well in recent weeks anyway) version 3 I think it is and they have some solid templates, at an affordable yearly price.

    I did use them previous a few years ago and would say that the conversions I got for an affiliate offer using landing pages designed with it, was 3 times more than the landing pages provided with the affiliate offer.

    Now that said, you can also do the same with Power Lead System, as they let you have total control over landing pages you can build and a pay plan that provides residual income, together with a good YouTube Training, which is more than just basic

    Hope this helps

    Read the reviews on list building & blog promotion, so you save time & money

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    Aweber recently created a landing page builder. You can kill two birds with one stone. You have the autoresponder which is almost a must and their new landing page builder all in one.
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    you can use builderall -> landing page builder and also an autoresponder for the cheapest price possible.
    very good solution if you don't want to pay a lot
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    Look at the Bootstrap landing pages. It's not very difficult to customize them for your needs. You do need a website, though. If you don't have HTML/CSS skills, then I highly recommend that you start learning them.
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    Wordpress + Elementor

    Its Free. (Well you need hosting but the rest is free)

    There also some plugins the go along with Elementor the give additional page templates and blocks. Envato elements comes to mind.

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    Reverse engineer some good landing pages that you've already seen or go and find some good one in a niche that is the same/at least similar to what you are up to.

    Check out what they are doing and then you can pretty much copy it with any built-in landing page creator in some autoresponders (check Mailchimp - it's free for 2000 contacts + they have landing page builder), that would be the easiest option and you will be able to easily put in the form for the visitors to leave their contact informations (which landing pages are all about ).

    Otherwise, once you know what landing page you will be copying, go into good old Google and search for free landing page builder and choose whatever // If you have a domain you can also quickly install basic wordpress and build it easily with their editor as now it got like 10X easier to click&create a page looking anyway you like (with the basic theme).

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    I use GetResponse and landing page option is included in the plan for free (I mean I have to pay for autoresponder anyway). Yes it is not perfect, but still you can use it.
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    I use Wordpress and Flatsome theme.

    There are free tutorials and the theme has many built-in templates to chose from. I learnt in one day how to make a landing page using Flatsome, that's why I recommend it.
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    I don't think these autoresponder landing pages will convert well
    Why not?

    The page doesn't convert, the offer does.
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    Divi is a great WordPress option.

    Divi + Cartflows + gravity forums +webinars for WP is my current funnel combo


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    Since you are just getting started it will take some time for you
    to learn all there is to know to have a successful online business.
    Even autopilot tools and systems have a learning curve. I have
    been at this for 20+ years and there is HTML, WordPress, sales
    funnels, marketing, copywriting, and on and on to learn about.
    Teach yourself the basic fundamentals, never stop learning and
    you will be great.
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  • Consider freelancers hiring websites. You can get the job done for really low. Freelancer, People per Hours, Fiverr to name some of them.

    Good luck friend
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    Wordpress itself is good. You can add the free version of Elementor and free version of Elementor Essentials That will give you 5 building blocks for a nice website layout.
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    I think you must have some basic knowledge about the HTML and the other technology which you are going to create the new landing page.
    This will help you to create the landing page with low costing as well as you can go and search online for any doubtful query while creating the landing page
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    Depends on what a "tight budget" means. I use GetResponse for my email campaigns and they have an easy to use landing page builder. You can build a solid landing page in under 20 minutes. Cheapest rate is $15/month (pretty decent for a true autoresponder/funnel builder)
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    Most of those tools that you can get today is including landing page builders. Personally I am using Builderall and sometimes wordpress and do everything on my own from scratch. Builderall had initiall investment of some 20$, but gave me 3 domains and unlimited usage of their tools, while wordpress is more work, the only cost is buying hosting and domain plans.
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    Well if you use wordpress you can find lot of plugins to create a landing page or an optin pop up .Just search in wordpress aweber plugin and you will get many results
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    Mailchimp might be worth looking into , all depends on what you need.
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    I'll also say using wordpress with some sort of plugin is prob the cheapest and easiest route to take.
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  • I would say, your landing page software is the one place where you DON'T want to go cheap. It's your bottleneck - make it count. That said, I suppose you could just use the free version of Elementor theme for WP (although I try to avoid WordPress like the plague - oh sorry, too soon.)
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    The best source in that case - your own hands and skills entirely and absolutely and I am more than sure we can be capable cause of that. Do not use any paid tools or some expensive matters for that entirely and absolutely.
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    Many email platforms like Aweber do have Landing page tools but ... they SUCK!

    Your best bet is to use MOBIRISE or some other easy WYSIWYG template-driven tool for creating nice looking responsive pages THEN changing the code to incorporate Aweber / Getresponse/etc form code

    It's a "best of both worlds" solution

    Mobirise is free

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    I recommend you utilize Getresponse and Wix to create impressive landing pages at low costs.
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    WordPress & Elementor
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