Unconventional marketing?

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What unconventional marketing channel or strategy did you try that actually worked and gave you results?

Chime in.
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    What unconventional marketing channel or strategy did you try that actually worked and gave you results
    Chime in.
    All social media was new, as was IM not that long ago. Today, Reddit, Insta, X, TikTok, FaBk...etc, etc are all established marketing channels.

    As for really unconventional, Warrior Glenn Osborn is a master, using scratch off lottery tickets, big red nose, flying cows, jars of candy, confetti canons and coupled with his NLP copywriting retains billion dollar clients. So unconventional works for him.

    I've used golf course tee box signs, imprinted golf balls and tees, co-op (host/parasite) ads in gyms, and restaurant menus and on clocks. Depends on the intent, but the bigger the fish I want to reel in, the more expensive (gifts) the attention getting devices are.

    At one time, not long ago, the PODCAST was a new channel for marketing which has quickly become saturated. It is harder to get and keep ATTENTION these days, so anything out of the ordinary might work.

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  • I stood before a mirrah an' endeavored to manifest both musself an' my mirrah image away.

    Despite losin' nearly 13 whole pounds in sweat, nuthin' happened.

    An' yet ... what a result.

    The necessary convention persisted!

    Prahblem is when the buyah/sellah deal ain't no mirrah despite you wannit.

    That is whenya gaht differences of convention eithah side.

    So where may myootyool convenience best be found?

    Always you gotta search for the smoochie point before you go blastin' out on randomly provocative CRAZYBCS.

    Prefixes & suffixes aside, an' also the religious meat in the middle regardin' the chastest of nunneries, evrythin' un-convent-ional prompts us to wondah what it means to convene.

    Dunno -- las' time I shopped for zucchini in my local store we struck sum kinda natchrl bargain.

    How we convened ovah price, shape, availability, an' *may I ordah in bulk plz?* till'n my consoomah dream came true.

    But hey, I geddit, for sures: let's naht get stuck, an' let's always seek out sweetah ansas to perpetually gnarly questions.

    But if'n marketah an' purchasah ain't convenin' no place actschwl, the theoretical glories of the ravaged convent count for zilchow.

    supahconveeenient happnin'

    like kinda VOILA

    gotta figure the planit ain't no srsly immutable touchpoint for nothin' anyways.


    Pls hear Moi out fore'n I scream immodestly.

    Or unimmodestly.

    * thinks: I know what I wanna, even if'n nowan else dowint.

    Yurp, soes anyways -- what we alkl screamin' 'bout as Novembah 2023's untroddyuled glories invite our next sweeto steps forwed?

    Prinnio B's HOTTEST Evah Warriah Forum PRUDDICTSCHWAAAHN:

    Likely nowan cares too much beyond the taste of their next burgah -- an' from offa this dismal hellhole you may wish to loft indiscriminately.

    My persnl view as today's most evocatively summoned potenschual moron.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    What unconventional marketing channel or strategy did you try that actually worked and gave you results?

    Chime in.

    We have barely scratched the surface of being unconventional
    in internet marketing.

    There is an old proverb from The Bible that says:

    "There is nothing new under the Sun"

    But now there is something new and that is A.I. and its various
    systems that recently became available to the public.

    Language models, music and image generators, and more.

    With these A.I. systems we can easily develop books, courses,
    code, websites, original images, videos, apps/software, and
    infinite variations and combinations thereof.

    And they can all be monetized.

    The way that these creations can be applied to marketing are
    endless, only limited by the imagination of man and machine.

    As to my own past unconventional marketing methods, most
    are proprietary so I won't discuss them here.

    Keep thinking outside the box people!
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    Unconventional marketing has to be creative , should show originality and to have deep understanding of our target audience. I prefer for crowdsourcing which involves our audience to share their point of views and their creativity which also results in increase in engagement and loyalty.
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    One unconventional marketing strategy that yielded impressive results for us was leveraging user-generated content in a creative way. Instead of merely showcasing customer reviews and testimonials on our website, we encouraged our satisfied customers to share their own stories and experiences with our product on social media.

    We initiated a unique hashtag campaign that encouraged users to post photos or videos of themselves using our product in their daily lives. The most captivating and relatable posts were then featured on our website and social media channels. This not only generated a buzz among our existing customer base but also served as authentic and relatable content for potential customers.

    The key to success was creating a sense of community and engagement around our brand, as well as offering incentives like contests or discounts for featured posts. This strategy not only boosted our brand's visibility but also established a strong and passionate community of brand advocates who continue to promote our product willingly.
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  • Advertising strategy that uses unconventional tactics to delight and attract customers. It is an alternative to traditional marketing, such as print media, television commercials, billboards, and direct mail.
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    Although some may not see it as unconventional, most eCommerce sites never consider listing their products on Craigslist. For some businesses, Craigslist can be a goldmine. Others, not so much. Like all advertising options, the only way to know if it works is to try it.

    Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to track whether or not your efforts are paying off on Craigslist because your listing cannot contain any links, which means there is no easy, automated way of tracking what comes from your ads. Of course, if there is a massive spike in traffic/sales after implementing Craigslist ads, the answer is pretty obvious. Otherwise, the only way we have thought of to track direct traffic/sales from Craigslist is to set up a new domain just for Craigslist, which you list in your Craigslist ad, and re-direct that CL-only domain to your actual domain. The new domain will be the referrer, which means it came from Craigslist.

    Again, Craigslist only works with some niches. It is not for every product.
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    I like to do direct marketing face to face. Just pop in on your own time and make a deal.
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      Originally Posted by aduttonater View Post

      I like to do direct marketing face to face. Just pop in on your own time and make a deal.
      I'd love to know more about this. Do you make a phone call in advance? How do you get to the decision maker? What are you actually selling and do you try to get a second meeting or make the sale right there?
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    There are so many - but what they all have in common is if a platform allows users to link to an external site, that platform is a potential traffic source

    Facebook Groups
    Group mail
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  • Jus' to say, there is still mebbe a few months left in the GROUND WHIPPET BONES 2 TOOTHPASTE MANUFACTURIN' RESOURCES markit before

    1) We gotta quit killin' the dahgs.

    2) The factories run outta enslaved refugees.

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    Evah wanted sumthin' diffrent?

    Welcome to

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    Why Gnash When You Can Sparkle?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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