Anatomy of a WF sale, this is what works...

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Just recently bought two great products from warriors I trust, not really news except for the fact that over the years I've only bought a handful of offers.

Not being one to crack open the wallet on a "whim" the way this promotion was presented was impressive and a real study on how to join forces in mutual benifit and profit.

After months of hearing about the "power of the press release" in several threads around the forum. I didn't know where to get started, had no clue as how to write a PR. Nor any idea where as to even submit a press release.

Two warriors have combined their strengths, one in journalism, the other in software automation tools.

Warriors Dana Willhoit and Big Mike joined together to promote a press release system that any novice can use, The tool for submission, and the how-to.

No link, because this isn't meant to be promotional (you can always search), just an example of two warriors joining forces in mutual success. This offer was right on time for me, and I'm sure many others.

What are fellow warrior asking about now, what do they need, and how can you give it to them?

What are your strengths, how can your skills compliment another warrior's for mutual benefit... and profit?

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    What is the software tool?
    Make money from writing, find out how now.
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      Press release bot, and there is a prelaunch special with Dana's WSO.

      Again, I don't want it to seem promotional, but a search can find them easy.
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