The Power of Discovering "New" Information

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A lot of people trying to get into information marketing struggle with positioning and figuring out where to get valuable information in order to turn around and sell it.

Sadly, lots of people (either due to desperation, greed, sociopathy, are combinations thereof) resort to lies and distortions to create false value around old information.

But there's IMMENSE value in the creation of NEW information, and you do that by actually DOING stuff yourself and generating a particular EXPERIENCE that wraps around the information and turns it into something "new".

You see this all the time in exercise video infomercials. Each one is "new" and different entirely because of the figurehead whose experience is the core of the course. Exercise is not new. It will be very hard for someone to invent a new kind of exercise that is not just a combination of exercises that everyone already knows about.

And yet... They don't seem to be running out of people who successfully re-package that as new information. But they need to ACTUALLY have the experiences. No one wants to learn sit-ups from the fat guy even if he knows perfect form. It's more VISIBLE in exercise culture, but it's true in IM also.

You have to be actually DOING stuff in order to create information that is "new" but all you have to DO is the same stuff that works. Just the fact that YOU are doing it will add new and interesting twists.

And even the tiny little details add so much credibility, even if they're irrelevant.

For example, did you know that aweber does not accept email addresses with certain bad words in them? Now, you might think that I am some kind of email marketing expert because I have that bit of "new" information.

How do I know? Because I have a catch all email address set up on a disused domain that I use to sign up for all the lists I want to join. A catch all means I can just make up whatever@mydomain and I will get the email.

So what I started out doing was naming it specific to the course. Then I got bored, so to make myself giggle, I started using really vulgar names and email addys because I giggle every time a marketer uses the merge and I get emails like:

suckbutts - Grab This Free Special Report


Eat it so hard, here is the replay...

BUT I discovered that if you get too explicit with aweber, you'll never get the verification for the opt-in. Try something cleaner, and it works fine.

Stupid, stupid, worthless knowledge. But it's "new" and "rare" and it shows off that generally speaking, I know what I'm talking about. How else would I know something dumb like that if I wasn't messing with this stuff FOR REAL.

So I recommend that you do stuff, discover new information, reveal it, because it shows to others that you are walking the walk as you talk it.
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    Great advice Colin and it really hits home.

    My conversions have increased significantly since providing new and unique content to my list on a 2-3 times per week basis.

    Each newsletter contains 2 - 4 news blog posts or videos which chronicle my niche experiences and how they can benefit people. The idea is not new but presenting something from my unique perspective is.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    LOL, you must be the guy that signed up as 'Colin the Riot' to my 'Rearrange the Fat' newsletter.

    And here I thought you were the funniest Liposuctionist on the planet judging by the comments you leave...

    Seriously, many times it's those little tidbits of obscure info that really help to put the pieces together. And that generally does come from experience.

    You have to be actually DOING stuff in order to create information that is "new" but all you have to DO is the same stuff that works. Just the fact that YOU are doing it will add new and interesting twists.
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