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Hello everyone.

I'm buying traffic from Airpush to promote affiliate offers, it's very cheap and in certain campaigns it converts well.
My question to you guys is, why should I use another traffic source? I mean I'm paying something like 1 cent per click in airpush while other traffic sources requests 2,3,4,5 cents per click! and people still reccomand me to use other traffic sources because the quality of the traffic is bad.

Well I guess it's not the most quality traffic because of the price but if other traffic sources are not converting x2 x3 x4 then airpush I have no reason to use them.

I know many people are making tons of money from promoting affliate offers with other traffic sources so there must be something I'm missing here, please open my eyes!

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    If you found something that works for you then just stick to it .

    People are only recommend and hype up methods they know about.

    There is no problem in what you are doing as long as your are satisfied with the results. If anything once you get more seasoned in this method and spend time with it, you can then package it as a service or ebook and sell it
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    Thanks for your replay,
    I actually used to make really nice money from affiliate offers using airpush as the traffic source but I don't know if the new campaigns I'm pushing are not good enough or it's something with the traffic but I can't manage any campaign to be profitable right now and that's why I'm starting to look around.
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    You may look around if you find a great deal go with it .. and if you think air brush is better stick with it..
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    I wouldn't open this thread if everything was alright and I was making ton of money. I want to find another traffic source that people are using with affiliate offers and are making money with it. But what I keep asking my self is how can I make a campaign profitable if I didn't made it when I paid 1 cent per click? Maybe there are other traffic sources that really worth the high price or other that offers the same price but I'm not aware to them.
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    You need to test, if it converts for someone on for example Juicy Ads it doesnt mean it will convert for you, you need to test to get as much data as you can so you can see for yourself.

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