How can i increase my app ranking in google play store

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Hello Warrior

I want to increase my app ranking in google play store.

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    Originally Posted by deepakphalswal View Post

    I want to increase my app ranking in google play store.
    Proabably by selling more apps. That part has nothing to do with SEO.

    Of course there's the page that's visible on the web, and you can probably try to optimize the texts and get backlinks so that you'd be the first result in Google. If you've got popular direct competitors it's not the easiest thing to do.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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  • By social media engaged how people likes your apps so they will engaged others with your app thats the only way to get your apps on ranking in play store
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    As mentioned before, I'm sure the more downloads it gets - the higher it will rank in the app store. Consider buying some advertising and getting the download count up. I don't think SEO will have much to do with this issue.
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    App Raniking at GP consist from several factors:
    - How many downloads were done for a week;
    - DAU;
    - Dayly activity;
    - And others

    The best way to get higher is GP Optimization and motivetion for users to write good reviews
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    Increasing the app ranking is probably ASO(App store optimization), for that you need the best featured app which people like to use, and for its description use targeted keywords, also the reviews for the app makes a large difference.
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    Originally Posted by deepakphalswal View Post

    Hello Warrior

    I want to increase my app ranking in google play store.


    Getting good and positive reviews for your application speak about how people really like about your application and it will gives the best effect on your app promotion on Google Play Store. In addition, good user reviews help you to get more downloads.
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    By using social Media, You have to promote your app in social media so that people can know more about your app.
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      I have created three different android apps, all of them fails. Its more than ASO, getting the top spots for a keyword depends on many factors including installs and usage! I have found that having a lower rating does not make much of a difference.

      I am beyond frustrated with the current app marketing tools, especially for Google Play. Most services focus only on the iOS App Store and leave Google Play as an afterthought. Try the App Market Analyzer out and see if that helps, its specially built for the google play market place. I have used other tools like AppAnnie and Sensortower in the past, again, very poor google play tools.
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    In the following way you can improve ranking in play store do proper keyword research,keep eye on competitor,know your customer,monitor your result,optimize the app page.
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    The best way to increase app ranking is to provide best facilities in your application but you can use social media to promote features of your application and ask people to install apps and give reviews
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    To be honest, I have never done any kind of marketing for my apps but still make good money everyday. It is not just about ASO but yes, the right niche and keywords do matter a lot.

    I do have around 50 apps but they are all well targeted, some of them have done wonders, others have really not made much money but overall very happy with my results.

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    To get top ranking in Google play store follow these tips:
    • Optimize Google play store page with keywords
    • Check your site for 0% errors
    • Great keywords boost your app.
    • Go for social media to popular app
    • Get ratings and reviews
    • Optimize content with keywords

    Alisa Alice,Digital Marketing Company

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    You need to get more app downloads to increase your ranking. Give social media influencers your app in advance for them to try out and let their followers know about it IF they like it.

    Keep sharing engaging content about your app in social media.
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    Buy some advertisement, and optimize your app description. The app's downloads is important but in my opinion, the app's download count development is more important. When your app is growing fast it will catch Play Store's eyes

    Build mobile app for your eCommerce website!
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      do not buy advertising. it will most likely loss you money.
      the exception to this is facebook advertising, which is cheap.
      Except you cannot get the best prices or run a good facebook
      ad campaign without a skill experienced facebook advertiser.
      There is just to much you need to know.
      If you found this post helpful push the Thanks button
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    Optimizing the app for the app store through app store optimization will help improve your chances of ranking higher on the app store. The key to getting ranked higher on the app store is to have more installs. For this to happen, you need to portray the app as solution to the problem your target audience is facing. Accordingly create captivating content for the app description so your target audience is enticed to download it.
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    Yes, Agree with some people as they said like we can do App store optimisation and Yes, App how helps people that also play role and target right keyword for app.
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    Spend and learn some ASO techniques. Regularly updates your description and keywords. Initially I would suggest to use low ranked, high volume keywords. When you start getting some organic downloads then start shifting towards high competitive keywords.
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    You can share your apps link on various platforms and can make people download it .By this your app ranking will automatically increase .One of best way to get higher is GP Optimization and motivation for users to write good reviews
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    Hi Deepak ,

    Hear are some steps to increase the app ranking in google play store :

    App Quality is the Key to Rank High
    Incorporate Main Keyword in App Title and description
    Monitor Good Keyword Frequency
    Release a Promo Video
    Display the Most Awesome Screenshots
    Get Ratings and Reviews
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  • Hey!

    Yo should do App Store Optimization (ASO) and increase your app's visibility (traffic) in Search, Top Charts rankings and (if you're lucky) featured spots in Google Play Store.

    So you have to:
    - Optimize your app's on-metadata for Search (title, short description & long description
    - Increase installs volume (Social Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Cross promotion, etc)
    - Increase ratings volume and average rating

    Doing this, your rankings will improve

    Feel free to ask anything related to ASO

    Kind regards
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    ASO would be the most effective way to boost app ranking in a short time. But still, you'd better read some articles about aso lon like quora, asoranker before taking next step.
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    Hi buddy!
    Here are the tips for you to increase your app in google play store. You can follow these tips. Surely your app will be ranked. The tips you should follow are:
    The More the Users the Better the Ranking:
    Develop a Unique App, App Size, Design of the App, Optimize Mobile App for
    • Quick Store Search
    • Use of App Annie
    App naming and title, Retention Time, Maintenance and update, Ratings and Reviews, Develop Compatible Apps.
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    To increase your App ranking in Google Play Store, You need to know something about the Google algorithm,
    How does Google Algorithm work?
    • Google search for your Keywords in your app 'Title' & 'Description'.
    • Google looks on average of Rating and Reviews quality.
    • Google watching for your App errors or crushes. So before releasing apps, test it properly.
    To increase Playstore ranking, promote your app with different strategies like,
    • Develop a unique app.
    • Do proper App Store Optimization
    • Include Target Keywords in your app title, description, reviews, etc,
    • Increase your average rating.
    • Provide Social links in your app.
    • Optimize your App size.

    Good Luck!.
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    Very great explanation for the question. And the tips you have provided are very simple to follow.
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    Very great information and informative too. Even beginners can also understand the concept easily.
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    I am just going to follow these steps for myself and i will let you know the result from these methods.
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    Buy some keyword installs for your app . It will boost your app to top 10 chart . For keyword Ranking I recommend AppRank PRO, which has a large number of user, and they support multiple countries .
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    Buy some positives reviews and keyword installs. It will boost your app ranking to top charts . Review exchange sites are better than paid reviews.
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    I suggest AppRank PRO for app marketing. They provides Direct Installs , keyword Installs , ASO services , Quality social backlinks and free keyword analysis . 100 % genuine service. Just try .
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    By using social media promotion and also with camping you can get more traffic for your app
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