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We are looking for a new SMS company to use to send out SMS messages.

What we are currently doing is sending out a text message to about 5,000 leads a day that we got no phone response from, trying to get them to call in.

We are using which my boss chose without researching too much. As a result we are spending way too much, .04 a text.

They do offer some great features that we like. We can upload a list of phone numbers and get a report back on the carrier. We can then strip out landlines from the list. They also allow us to have merge fields to drop in name and account number dynamically into the message. We are able to create multiple groups and contact lists. After the campaign they offer a csv report that includes bounced and auto opt out contacts so we can easily mark those in our database.

The more important aspect of the service is that they run each campaign against a do not text list and automatically opt those out. They also include a robust "STOP" feature where the user can type in a variety of different messages to get opt out.

I know I listed alot of features. Does anyone recommend a service that would be on par to eztexting but cheaper?
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    Sorry, kinda answered my question a little. Just learned that the keyword I'm looking for is SMS Broadcasting. This revealed company's like Trumpia and Callfire. Looks like EZTexting is a decent deal.

    Still would like some feedback from anyone familar with SMS broadcasting. Thanks.
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    There's a lot of great companies that you'll find by doing a simple search on Google, at the rate that you're currently paying for sms text message marketing there's plenty of providers that will sell the same service for 2 to 3 cents per text message if you check out their pricing plans.

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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    Did you come across any decent SMS company yet, do share if so
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