How to get more visitors for mobile apps

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Hi Guys,

I want to know about android and iphone apps marketing.
How to get traffic using tapjoy
Please share your ideas
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    I am android developer, I have worked on many applications which has implemented Ads sdk like Admob,mobilecore, Adcolony and so on.. I have implemented AppsFlyer sdk which is used to generate traffic for our Application, I can suggest this sdk for android and IOS, it has many advertiser with it.
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    You need to promote your apps in multiple social media Platforms like Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. and you can also share some threads in forums along with posting related questions and discussions topics that will engage the visitors.
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    Really Great Questions, first I want to explain you some point visitors are temporary but organic users are permanent so you must focus on organic users which are good sign for app success .getting organic users is a great challenge to new app developers. its a not easy task. If are you looking for organic users for app then I suggest ASO Its help to improve your app ranks and increase app organic downloads. My app was on top 10 with more then 5 keywords. So you can can see appfillip packages.
    Nothing Impossible
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    I think best resource for promote your apps is social media like, twitter, facebook, google+ , linkedin, youtube, pinterest, stumbleupon. etc
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    It is not simply related to getting traffic, while you need to consider organic traffic. What I mean is the traffic from real users.

    ASO-App Store Optimization is necessary but difficult. To get more users and rank app top, keyword research, install, play, rating and positive are important.
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    Getting more visitors for mobile apps are very simply, go to any social media sites where people are used to open on a daily basis and then publish it. But make sure that it should be eye catching and have lots of benefits to people.
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    We can get more visitors for our mobile apps through social media like: Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c
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    Social media like Facebook or Twitter is really effective tools to get more visitors to your mobile apps, you can also popularize it on forums and blogs making people know it more.
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  • What about good old reliable SEO articles? These could be obtained cheaply from many freelancer sites and could certainly generate lots of sustainable traffic.
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    First, create a website of your mobile app so that everyone can easily access this. Also add your app to the social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and Google. You can also post a presentation on this will create more traffic in your apps.
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    Did you try Google AdWords Universal app promotion? Just try it with a small budget and see if it works as per your expectation. I got 50+ downloads in just $20 which gave it a little push.
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    New comer here!
    I also interested in app promotion. As I see many friends sharing methods like SEO landing page, website and social networks, I know they are good ways which will lead good result. But it will take much longer time. Whether there are some faster ways to get installs from real users?
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    To increase the visitors for mobile application... you need a website on which you can apply many SEO algorithms to boost app awareness between the people or target peoples
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