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The Big Question in Mobile App Development: iOS or Android?
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    Android is leading iOS becsuse Android overtook Apple's iOS app store to lead in number of downloaded apps. Android users are now downloading more mobile programs than iPhone and iPad users combined. Probably 44% share vs. Apple's 31%. This is despite the Android Market only having 319,161 apps at the end of last month vs. the Apple App Store's 459,589.
    The first and most prominent difference between iPhone and Android is the plethora of devices available with Android. Multiple manufacturers means competition, which brings about innovation and choice. It also drives prices down. Thats why Android devices are more valuable then iOS.
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    I have seen many startup's who launch for iOS first then for Android. I think that it depends on your target audience and the demographics. The apple users are comparatively rich at least in my country so the chances of in-app purchases and paid downloads may be on the side of iOS devices.
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    Now demands of android app developers and ios app developers are high because of the enormous growth of smart phones and iPhones. As you've read some in depth details in 1st reply from mohsin qureshi. iPhone's are used mostly by business peoples and some rich peoples. But Android is available in everyone's hand now. So I'd like to recommend you should go with Android apps development.

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      Much is dependent on the geography of your audience and the niche of your app. The U.S. has the highest percentage of iOS users whereas if your target audience is in Asia, there is an higher percentage of Android devices.

      iOS users are more likely to pay for an app and tend to dismiss ads. Android users seem to prefer free apps, but are less annoyed by ad banners and pop ups.
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    I think that it easier to get on Android than Apple. So for that matter, Android would be leading. I personally go for apps on IOS.
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    I think the best is Iphone because: -iphone users are rich -iphone develepoer account are not suspended because apple team reviwe app then accepted not like google play team the robot is who accept applications so ther is a lot of accounts suspension
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    IPhons are very costly comparing with android phons with same features. So I prefer Android phones over Iphones. I think Apple has better computers, but not better cell phones.
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    For my experience, iOS apps get more votes than Android apps. We are professional in helping publishers promote app on app ranking, installs and reviews. There are more iOS apps asking us for help and leading better results than Android apps.

    Also, the targeted GEO will make sense of your market. In US/UK/CA/AU and some Stores, iOS apps generate the majority of installs and lead the main stream of the market. However, in CN/VT/TL/IN Stores, Android apps are bigger winner than iOS apps.

    If you want to develop apps, you need to compare more and make the final decision. Hope your app will boost in the market and if need any promotion, please comment here.
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    Look at your budget, target audience, and future of your business or app. Ultimately you want them both and ideally you would want to publish both together. If you do not have budget then decide on a target audience, and not just geographically but demographically as well and how you want to monetize your app, then you decide on a platform.

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    It alllllllll depends on your target market.
    If you don't know what kinds of phones your target market is likely to be using, do some research.

    I launched my app on iOS first because my target market was mostly on iOS. But yours may not be.

    If you know Java and dont know objective C.. then you may want to go Android first but do take into consideration the marketing you'll need to do afterward. Ideal case scenario is to do both and launch both at the same time but that is seldom possible for a small dev team to pull off.
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    Every app we have ever developed was always for both platforms to offer the best experience for our users. you cant neglect the other half whatever your preferences are.

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    I'm using both off for my suggestion Andriod its good and very easy for users.IOS its little bit difficult but it's very secure and best.
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