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Does anyone know of a good course that teaches how to do text message marketing?

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  • Jason Bell is an sms guru. I found him here.
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    Skip the courses... for SMS marketing, it's not exactly so advanced that you need a course. You simply need to know your service. The difficult part is making sales and building a business. A simple Google search will teach you everything you need to know about SMS marketing.
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    SMS Test Messaging has no.1 marketing for marketer, it is very cost effective communication tools, you and your customers. Nowadays 95% people are using smartphone their check every 5 mints.
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    It is not helpful for marketing.
    Use other sources for advertising. It'll be the idle task for you.
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    Text messaging I guess is also a good option to market business. In a world of technology where everybody has a smartphone, you will surely be able to reach and connect to your potential targets. I think you can find tips on how to be good at it through Mr. Google.
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    Hey Shane,

    I can help. this thread is dated, so you may already have found what you're looking for.

    Want real world field tested SMS training? SMS is what I know. You can check out our best stuff here: http://mobilebizsuccess.com/sms-madness//

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    Kim Dushinski had a great mobile marketing program, not sure if she's still actively promoting it:

    Mobile Marketing Profits


    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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    Text message marketing are the out of fashion now. You can g for other services like email marketing, etc....
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    I bought a SaaS software program recently called TextResponse. I plan to use it to send text messages to the customers of my local business clients. With text message marketing I will still need to make either a landing page or send them to the clients sales posted to Facebook. Unless you already have a list or a way to generate a list, SMS or text message marketing appears to be just as much work as generating an email list, but I'm not an expert. Do you already have an offer, a product, a lead magnet. If not you may want to focus on what your product is first and then research to determine if SMS is going to fit to reach your customers. How do you tell this? Well if there are other people in your same market and you sign up for their list and they appear to be successful (use archive.org to find out how long they have had a website up) and they want to market to you with SMS then if it works for them it should work for you. Sign up for the SMS list and find out what they use it for. Don't copy their information, just their channels of communicating and methods. May be helpful.
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