What is your favorite Mobile Traffic Source

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I'm not asking for anyone to give away their 'secret sauce', but what is your preferred method for bringing in mobile traffic?

I'm just beginning to move into the mobile space. For desktop traffic, I've dabbled in probably everything - youtube, social, anywhere on the net where people hung out. But, my preferred has always been paid. You're always paying with time or money, right? But for mobile, I know there is a big social aspect. OR, is ppc still the way to go?

Would love to get people's thoughts.

Your man,
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    todays a craze becomes most popular for mobile traffic which are AMP Pages.
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    I would say Instagram. They generate over 5 million views a day and its growing. There #Hastag function really separates itself from many competitors in mobile marketing. It's a clean site that also incorporates regular website traffic which should only give your promotions a boost.

    They also have some great analytics for FREE. A platform of this size could easily charge for these type of statistics.
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      I think Instagram is a great one to start with if you are new to Mobile Marketing. It's fairly easy to use.
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  • There are a lot of options you can go for like Google AdMob, Servo, and Airpush. They work in different ways, paid but I guess it is worth their costs since it is seen to generate more traffic with the use of these.
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    Transitioning to mobile marketing is a great move by the way since most are often engaged in their mobile devices either smartphones or tablet and if you want to get more traffic with these devices you need to make the most out of it. I suggest you try Jumptap which focuses on a target audience or Addicted Mobility which has its eye on social media.
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    Try Airpush, Zeropark and Popads. They are all effective for mobile.
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    Yes, there are lots of options you can go for like Google Admob and many more. I suggest you try Flipkart Ads.
    Flipkart is a platform that any brands can utilise to find consumers who have an intent to purchase.
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