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Hi for all,
i'm a new user in warrior forum, i am an android developer i had several project realized but now i want to upload my apps in google play store so i would like to know what is the best method to get download & traffic.
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    Optimise the content of your product description, that's relatively organic.

    What applications are you working on?

    Could you be more specific so we can contribute better quality replies?
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      Firstly thank's for your reply, for the application it's about the restaurant to locate the near restaurant or specific places like cafe & contains others details. but the problem that i founded is there are several apps for restaurant and i think it's hard to ranking in this niche, for this reason i would like to know the best method to ranking in store.
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  • Hey El hassani,

    The best method to start is ASO (App Store Optimization)

    ASO helps developers and marketers get free installs through Search (like SEO) and top charts rankings.


    Edit: We have just published this post about the most common ASO mistakes. Hope you like it and enjoy it!
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      I dont think backlinks help much with apps as much as reviews do.
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    Read Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and apply that to your app description.

    Submit your app page to Google. Yes, the Play Store is its property, but that way you will be indexed immediately.

    Submit your app page to Bing. It also covers most non-Google property, such as Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

    Place also your app on the Amazon App Store.

    Have your app listed in all download repositories. I use to do it for me.

    Publish a Press release and make sure every Android magazine gets it. If possible, identify a journalist, and try to get in touch to introduce personally your app. An article can really boost your app.
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    This is how you get more downloads organically:

    - just start practicing by adding different variations of keywords in your title
    - Focus on more app installs in less time to increase app velocity
    - Ask for reviews from users so others know you are providing value
    - Make better app descriptions with LSI keywords
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    In addition to optimizing your app description with relevant keywords, you can update social media groups that you have a new app and would appreciate a review...perhaps even run a contest or survey with a low cost reward for their honest review. Also get as many friends and family members to download and install your app...maybe even give a review in the android store as this will help your app advance in the rankings.

    You can get more insight on keywords for your app through or as well.

    Best of luck on your app!
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    • Optimize the content and description with keywords.
    • Utilize social media - Optimize social business page and provide a call to action button for app downloads
    • Since it is an restaurant app you can connect local people through social groups and communtities
    • Ask users to review
    • Provide coupons or freebees to users. Run a contest.

    Hope this helps!

    You can also get a help for app marketing company for initial branding.
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    Do on page activities for your app first like relevant contents, title, descriptions etc. Then you need to do link building for earning traffics.
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    Download your app by relatives and friends and positive reviews, like, sharing and rating & share a post on facebook, Instagram, linkedin.
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    Data shows that over 65% of downloads come directly from a search on the app stores. So the best method to get download&traffic, you have mentioned in the question title - App Store Optimization, it's the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store' search results.

    The higher the app ranks in the app stores' search results, the more visibility for app potential users. Also, the more traffic to your app will be led.

    You can do it from the following aspects:
    Conduct keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target.
    Create a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it.
    Also create an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video.

    You can learn app store optimization from the following sites:

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