Has anyone sold their app?

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Hey everyone,

I've been a dev for most of my life, mobile dev for the last 5 years and a lurker of this forum for a very long time, this place has helped me a ton with monetizing my apps. Thanks guys!
I've decided to sell a few of my apps and I was wondering if anyone here has had any success with selling them? I've contacted several companies and got a lot of different offers. I got the largest offer from WePurchaseApps, has anyone heard of them? Sold to them? They use escrow, so I assume it's a safe place to sell it. I found them through a banner on one of the forums I frequent. They seem a legit company. Just want to make sure there aren't any scams involved, since the apps I want to sell are worth quite a lot.

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    Hey. how are you dev4life, I sold mine on Flippa and they also use escrow and I would probably recommend it. Just know the lowest you will go, make sure the other party has rep and you should be fine.
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    I would for sure go with flippa but I have not heard of that other place in all my life until I read your thread. Google reviews of the company and see what people say. Sometimes a problem happens hear and there but I'd say read reviews for sure. With flippa I do like that they have a option for PayPal as well because that's normally all I will accept and I document every thing perfectly so if they ever try to act like nothing was done correctly I can send those documents to PayPal and they can't do anything to sabotage. With flippa I don't think you'd have a problem though like I said just do reviews on that company.
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      thanks for the reply. I already sold the app. My other post got deleted. Where I mentioned the process, I'm not sure why.
      We'll if anyone is wondering, it was super easy. The guys at WePurchaseApps.com were super helpful and nice. The basic process was that I transferred my source code and the app to them and my money got released from Escrow. It's happily sitting in my bank account right now as I am writing this.
      It couldn't have been easier.
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        I hope you signed papers, before giving source. Dev4Life.. Aside from that, goodluck!
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    Hello everyone,
    it seems our company has attracted quite a crowd. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Preferably questions in which you want to sell your android app to us, but any will do.
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    I've sold my app to them, what do you want to know?
    The whole process was easy, I just waited till they put money into escrow and then I went on with my part of the deal. Pretty sure it's impossible to get scammed by them.
    After a while I noticed that they didn't change anything to the app, but only the ads, they had some different ads, so maybe they they get more money from them.
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