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Hi, i'm a newbie, and since i'm intending to run a mobile campaign, and i am now looking for the right traffic source, and also, i am facing an issue currently, that i don't know how to download good landing pages, and even ways to optimize my banners, i saw a lot of threads, saying that we can use tools for this purpose, and also testing our campaigns! my question is to know which good tool could you kindly recommend me for this ? thank you in advance
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  • You are mixing few things...

    1) Start building your landing pages. Leadpages is a good start for that.
    2) Decide which advertising platform to use and start driving traffic to your landing page.
    3) Master one traffic source before moving to the next one.

    Are you an affiliate marketer? Would you like to learn how to receive high affiliate commissions? I have something that might help you...

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      thanks for the help, but i have a problem, i have no knowledge how to build a landing page, and could you kindly recommend me some good ad platform for me as a beginner? Thanks for the advice!!
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      this is a great advice, however, if it seems difficult for you to achieve this, you should learn well about tools to help you doing this, especially spy tools, they are very useful for this! i hope you have knowledge about some good ones that are working well out there!
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        thanks, could you kindly recommend me some tools that could help me for this purpose?
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    Leadpages is really really good to go.

    If you don't mind, may I ask you mean by "Mobile Campaign" ? Is that a marketing campaign that is specific to only Mobile Devices? Or, is that simple marketing campaign ?

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      thanks, yes when i mean a mobile campaign, i'm thinking about running an install antivirus for mobiles devices. also, the leadpages, is it that simple of use, cause really this is the first time i'm trying this, and my knowledge are pretty low!!
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    You don't always need a landing page. You can also direct link to some offers.
    I recommend applying to networks that run 1 click billing offers.

    However, tracking your campaigns is absolutely necessary.
    You should try New bidder (newbidder.com) you can start with a free account. It is easy to set up and has network integrations with most networks.

    Hope this helps
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      thanks for this, but could you kindly recommend me dome good networks that could help me well on this i click billing mode? which tracker also can i set for better results? i don't know if you think working with someone like voluum will be good for me?
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    Optimizing a campaign requires certain steps to be followed.
    Step1- Check auto-tagging
    Step2- Set your ad rotation to rotate indefinitely
    Step3- Always start a campaign on Monday or starting days of weeks

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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      i'll really consider this, thanks for the advice!!
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