Must I promote only one offer on a single site?

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Hi there....I promote market health offers with no results. About six offers on the single this wrong? I asked because my manager advised I should promote less offer, or HAVE ACTIVE SITES for each of the offers. So, it means I should have six different sites for each of the six offers.

Experts, please, you can check my site at and advise me on the site and what to do. Site is
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    6 is a lot. I would split test your offers one at a time for a week each and see which does the best.
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    Promote 2-3 at most.
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    What I try to do is have a single action that I want my visitors to do when they arrive on my site .

    It could be !

    Have them get onto my list or get them to another piece of content to nurture them more but always with that same focus in mind to get them on to my list where I can create value before I send them to my offers.

    If you are just promoting many different offers on a site its like being a snake oil salesmen...
    Then again there is ways to do it but you would have to be very wise and cutting going about it and NEVER ON THE SAME PAGE.

    People read threw that..

    I want one action per site . Create value based around what my offer is going to be...
    I hope this helps you ..

    If you are promoting many different offers on a site or a page the site would have to be in
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    Six offers seems like a lot. I would figure out which product people want the most (maybe send a survey) and focus on that one. You could promote the other products in follow up emails.


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    Thanks@ have really been of help.
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    First thing to do is to go to know what your audience is looking for exactly, then try to promote offers that will be in that category. I think 6 is too much as offers to promote, you should try to promote not more than 3 type of offers!
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    You can place an opt-in form on your site. Get few visitors to signup. Then ask a handful of them what they think about the 6 offers. Get a neutral opinion. From their answers, you will see what is wrong with your site. It might not be the number of offers.
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    If you want many follower to your site .You should try to promote at least 2 offers for a site.
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    Of course you should promote only one offer on a single site...If you try doing to promote many offers in a single site then you will end up in loss..So, avoid doing that

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    Yes promoting one offer for a single website is the best method according to me.
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    No you can promote upto 3-4 offers on a single page.Because this will make so many followers for your website.
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