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To help kick off this great Mobil Marketing forum I though I would start a resources page. Add your free resources below.


A great place to see whats happening in the mobile marketing world is the mobile marketing magazine.

Mobile Marketing Magazine |

Their sister magazine Mobile retailing is also good for ideas and resources.

Mobile Retail |

QR Codes reviews and strategies The Leading 2D Bar Code Strategy Site on the Net

10 Ways to use CSS tables in your Mobile design

Top 10 CSS Table Designs - Smashing Magazine

Another Mobile Marketing Magazine

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Mobile Marketer magazine blog

Mobile Marketer - The news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce

Linkedin mobile marketing and advertising

Mobile Marketing & Advertising | LinkedIn

A great place to find out whats happening in the mobile arena

Mobile Marketing Watch | Mobile Marketing News and Information

Real world examples of Mobile Website

Mobile Web Design | Best Mobile Websites | Mobile Website Gallery

Look forward to having lots of fun in here.

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