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http://www.celtx.com/ is a Canadian company based in St. John's, Newfoundland.

According to their website, their Celtx Script 2.0 http://www.celtx.com/mobile.html is the first and only mobile scriptwriting app with page breaks and page numbering, so the layout on your screen matches the output on the page. (Whatever that means?)

I spent considerable time looking though this website and I still haven't a clue what the 'stuff' they are promoting can do for me. I realize that it is a script writing app, but is it for writing applications, video scripts, or what? However, it is Mac compatible, that much I managed to figure out all by myself.

However, it looks like they have some good stuff on this site, and since I have no idea what any of it does, I thought I'd post the question here and see what more knowledgeable folks have to say about it.

(I didn't put this in the product review section because it is directly related to mobile marketing, and since I don't know what the product does, I don't want to reviews - I just want to know if this is something I could use in the creation and development of mobile websites, and/or mobile optimized videos.)

This has to be one of the most obscure websites I've visited in my search for mobile resources. Usually a site has some 'features and benefits' listed, so you can figure out what you need to know, but this one has me baffled.

Sorry for babbling - it's late, I'm tired, and am feeling extremely clueless at the moment.

Send help!
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    Celtx is for screenwriting. You know, for movies, films, tv shows, etc. It gives you easy access to standard script formatting and other helpful tools to developing your story.

    One way you could use it is with the A/V script format for use with your sales videos.


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    looks like a script writing app in the form of a play write or movie script for a film...
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    Thanks for the input Jay and FWS - I'm still not clear on what screenwriting script actually does, so I'm off to do some research.

    For A/V presentations I use Keynote, or Bean, my little wordprosessor, so a scriptwriting app is something I haven't used, to date - which is probably why I find the site a bit confusing. But hey, if it works on a Mac, I've gotta have it right? Even if I don't know what it does!
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      I used celtx script for writing film scripts in college. I don't believe it's the script you are looking for unless you want to write screenplays and plays. And anything in relation to that industry, like film treatments, outlines, and things like that. It's not for building mobile sites, or apps or anything like that it's for script writing for film and theatre.

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  • Thanks for this tip Val - I'll have a look at this...
    I still do some scriptwriting, and this looks like it may save me some time doing treatments and layout -

    (it wouldn't hurt some warriors to use something other than a bad webcam shot once in awhile...:rolleyes

    (unless they are going for "Blair Witch WSO"...)

    (they did make a pretty good profit on that "student film"...:rolleyes
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    Val - Screenwriting is the writing form of film and television. Writing for the screen. Also called scriptwriting because the finished product is a script.

    An A/V script is one that presents both the visual and audio elements of what is to be on screen, side by side. Most commonly used for commercials and short form television. I use this format for my sales videos and thus, recommended the same for you if you were interested in using Celtx.

    Otherwise, not sure there is much else that this software is going to help you with in mobile marketing, let alone IM.


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