Need to add mobile redirect for customer with Homestead website

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I sold a mobile website to a customer who's using Homestead for their main website (which will change to me hosting it in a few months). But in the mean time, I need to get the redirect script in his site.

How do I access the areas I need to get to such as </head> and </body> within the homestead sites?

I'd chat with their tech support but it's closed now and I'd like to get it finished sometime tonight.


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    I've never used Homestead but I wonder if this tutorial helps?

    Using Homestead SiteBuilder

    or this one...

    It seems you go into the sitebuilder, create an HTML box, insert the code into that html box and then you can drag the html box to wherever you need it to show in the page. So for the code that needs to show in the header tags you would drag the html box into the head section of the page.

    I'm only going off what I have read... haven't used it myself.
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      Thanks for the links Will. That got me headed in the right direction and I was able to put the code where it's supposed to be but it didn't work.

      I'll contact their tech support tomorrow.

      Thanks again for your help.

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      Ok. I got it figured out and I was able to do it. It looks like I had to position the box the code was written in at the bottom of the screen. I think this put the script more towards the </head> tag.

      Thanks for your help.

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    I am having the same problem. Need to insert mobile redirect into Homestead site. How did you get this to work? Homestead specifically prohibits redirects that contain a subdomain and gives you an error: "The domain name must contain only one period." I have to have this up by tomorrow and I'm looking for answers. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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    Pasting the redirect code in an html box worked for me. I placed the box near the top of the index page in the site builder itself. My mobile site is on a subdomain of a homestead account and works smoothly. Good luck!
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    chrisnotes: Thanks for the quick reply! Did you have to host the mobile version of the site on different hosting?, or is there a way to host the mobile site subdomain on Homestead?
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      You can just make a subdomain on your homestead account yes. However, a new problem has occurred. For my contact form to work on the mobile website, I need to upload my .php to the homestead server, in my subdomain. Homestead will NOT let me put this file there and without it, my contact form is rendered useless. I was thinking of putting the .php file in a zip and uploading it, and it does work, but then you cannot unzip it in Filezilla. Don't know what to do at this point. I have a sweet mobile site and no contact form!
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    I was just thinking, I wonder if John Durham has a solution for this. Since he has used Homestead in the past for websites, I'm sure he has made a mobile website for one of them. How was he able to put working contact forms on the mobile website if you cannot upload a .php file. That file is crucial for the form to work because it tells the form where to send the the info, then redirects them to your "message was sent" page.
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    I know I'm posting a lot but I'm spending the day trying to really figure this thing out.

    For all of you who need to redirect to your mobile site in Homestead:

    1. Login to your account
    2. Pick the site you want to edit in the Website Manager
    3. Once inside, Go up to the Edit Page Drop down and select your index page
    4. When your index page load, go up to the Manage Page Drop Down and select Advanced Settings
    5. Now just paste your redirect script into the <head> tag html field
    6. Save and republish and you should be all set.

    As far as Subdomains go, you can create a subdomain in an FTP client. Just place all of your mobile site files inside. BUT there is an EASIER WAY without using any FTP that can be done within the site builder itself....

    1. Login to Homestead
    2. Select the site that you want to place the sub domain on
    3. Once you are inside the builder go to the top of the page and select View File Manager, which is located in the drop down menu under the name of the site.
    4. At this screen you will see all the files that make up you website. The left part of the screen will allow you to add your new folder/sub domain. Just create the folder and upload all of your mobile site files into it.

    I think you should be good to go then. Wish you all the best!
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